HR by Numbers - Emtrain Analytics Simplifies Improving Workplace Culture

With over 150 million responses to micro surveys embedded in online learning, organizations can now train employees, gain insight into risky behaviors, and reduce conflict and claims

LAS VEGAS, March 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- [Transform Conference] - Emtrain, the leading workplace training, analytics and compliance company, announced it has captured over 150 million data points on employee sentiment and behavior across its clientbase. Beyond traditional HR reporting, Emtrain Analytics measures social dynamics as they are happening. This builds on the success of the Workplace Color Spectrum, which has been used by 1000s of companies to classify employee behaviors since 2014. Transform Conference attendees can get a demo at Emtrain booth #123.

Emtrain Analytics is also a data provider to distinguished research partners such as Harvard Business School, and the Center for WorkLife Law led by Joan C. Williams, Sullivan, Director of the Center for WorkLife Law.

“Emtrain analytics helps us identify workforce behavior risks early on and take proactive steps to address before they have a negative impact on the workplace,” said Christina Hall, CHRO at Instacart.

Analytics-driven continuous behavior improvement and high quality content distinguishes Emtrain from today's climate surveys and other training providers. Microlessons address a wide range of topics and events that shape and shake society and the workplace. Emtrain provides valuable training on a wide variety of topics from sexual harassment to diversity, inclusion, and dealing with political topics from the war in the Middle East to BlackLivesMatter to workplace violence. Emtrain continually solicits input from clients and subject matter experts as hot button social issues arise.

“Our framework allows people to color code conduct, not people, making it easy to give non-polarizing feedback. Where we see a lot of “orange” or risky conduct within organizations, we quickly create micro-lessons and target those teams who need to improve. We are measuring workforce social dynamics in real time and at scale. This gives employers time and power to proactively change the course,” said Janine Yancey, CEO and founder of Emtrain.

Emtrain data is now available to benchmark workplace culture and create workforce risk “heat maps.” Emtrain Analytics includes C-level and Board reporting that summarizes workforce social dynamics in the workplace. This allows for quick communication of results to senior leadership. Addressing issues identified by analytics has been proven to reduce HR claims by as much as 10%.

Emtrain Analytics makes workplace training more effective by accurately measuring workplace social dynamics based on a set of behavioral skills and competencies. With this data, Emtrain offers HR and DEI leaders content recommendations for skills based micro learning to those teams or business units who have low scores and need improvement.

Together, analytics and training allow organizations to target specific behaviors and business units for improvement. The goal is not to bring awareness of harassment, toxicity, racism and other negative dynamics. The goal is to model what “good” behavior looks like and measure current workforce behaviors to provide risk scores and help prevent problems.

Emtrain Analytics means that employees learn, respond to microsurveys within the learning and then receive targeted micro-learning, designed to improve employees’ skills and behavior. Using segmentation, companies can identify which groups or departments are most at risk stemming from negative behaviors. This is instrumental in improving workplace health and managing workforce risk.

About Emtrain
Emtrain is a leading workplace analytics, compliance, and training company that empowers Fortune 1000 organizations to foster respectful, inclusive, and ethical work environments. The woman-owned and women-led HR technology solution, Emtrain seamlessly integrates compliance training with continuous culture measurement, providing a comprehensive solution to cultivate a positive and productive workplace.

Emtrain's personalized learning modules engage employees with engaging and relevant video training content that aligns with specific state laws and regulations across all states of the United States. Its comprehensive culture measurement tools track social indicators such as respect, inclusion, belonging, and ethics, ensuring adherence to all US states' workplace standards. This unique approach enables Emtrain to identify potential issues early on, preventing them from escalating into toxic and costly problems in the workforce across the US. For more info, please go to


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