Creditor Law Group Annihilates More Than $1 Billion Worth of Debt

PHILADELPHIA, PA , March 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the wake of COVID-19 relief measures, U.S. residents experienced a brief respite from their debt-related stresses. However, with stimulus package exhaustion and a steep rise in interest rates after a 15-year dormancy, there's a reemergence of the infamous financial strain. This is where Creditor Law Group steps in, tirelessly striving to alleviate this burden for numerous households across the nation. We take immense pride in announcing that our unwavering dedication and proficiency have successfully nullified over $1 billion in debt, providing a much-needed alleviation for individuals and families.

Creditor Law Group was founded with a mission to stand on the front lines for consumers across the U.S., defending them against debt collectors and providing essential support when facing creditor lawsuits. Our increased demand for services signals the widespread struggle with debt among Americans. The latest quarterly report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York revealed a 1.3% surge in U.S. household debt to a staggering $17.29 trillion in Q3 2023, with credit card debts contributing to $1.08 trillion of this amount - a record high. In light of this immense pressure on Americans, we are profoundly gratified by the impact of our debt nullification endeavors.

As the nation’s indebtedness keeps growing, so does the popularity of various debt relief options, one of them being debt invalidation. This is a process that involves challenging the validity of a consumer's debt with the goal of proving that it is unenforceable or invalid. If the challenge is successful, the consumer will not have to pay the debt. However, this process is complex and may take quite a while, so the best way to achieve a positive outcome is to work with a lawyer who specializes in this area.

“One common method to invalidate debt is to challenge the validity of the related documentation. During reviews of the relevant paperwork, we have often found that important information is either missing or incomplete. Sometimes, a creditor may lack the proper documentation to prove that the debt is valid,” Creditor Law Group explains. “In certain cases, debt invalidation can be based on violations of consumer protection laws, as when a creditor engages in unfair or deceptive practices. Typical violations include harassment by debt collectors, misrepresentation of the amount owed, or unauthorized charges. Our team has the necessary expertise to ensure that if any grounds for invalidation exist, we will identify them and pursue the case relentlessly.”

Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, Creditor Law Group specializes in defending consumers who face lawsuits related to credit card, medical, or other debt. The company’s experienced attorneys provide assistance to individuals in or out of court, helping them find the best solution to their debt-related problems and regain their financial freedom. Consumers who are being sued by a creditor or have had their wages garnished rely on Creditor Law Group to settle any legal disputes and identify the best path forward.

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