Unico Introduces Powerful, Flexible and Cost-Effective Cell Formation and Test Channels for EV Testing

Unico will showcase the new technology at the International Battery Seminar in Orlando, Fla. March 11-15 at Booth #109

ORLANDO, Fla., March 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Unico, a leading provider of innovative EV test solutions, today introduced the BAT300 Series at the International Battery Seminar, setting a new standard in cell formation and testing. Designed for test applications that prioritize cost-effectiveness and flexibility over ultra-high precision, the BAT300 Series is based off the Unico IDAC power platform and offers exceptional performance, efficiency and versatility at a significantly reduced cost. Unico's latest offering is a compact, all-in-one solution (480VAC to DC) that minimizes energy consumption while maximizing testing efficiency. The technology is on display in Booth #109 at the International Battery Seminar today through March 15 in Orlando, Fla., where Unico leadership is available for demonstrations and meetings.

“With the recent acquisition of Present Power Systems, we're already harnessing technologies from our new Advanced Technology Group, and the BAT300 Series represents our first product coming out of the acquisition," said Steve Bright, CEO of Unico. "The new IDAC power platform empowers Unico to enhance our presence in battery markets and venture into new sectors such as on-board charging, home charging, battery recycling, and more."

Key features of the BAT300 Series include:

  • Industrial-grade reliability, exceptional efficiency, and standard performance and accuracy, all offered at an affordable price point.
  • Ultimate flexibility by supporting from one to thousands of channels for multiple applications.
  • Channels can be application specific, for example, to age the cells for characterization in the cell test application, provide a voltage and current source for the formation application, and perform basic end-of-line checks for the manufacturing application.
  • Basic cell test requirements such as remote voltage sense, temperature measurement for the cell, calibration, and DC contactor control can be included.
  • Ultra-compact design with ultra high efficiency and bi-directional capability, enabling energy that is discharged to return to the AC grid.
  • The innovative novel power electronics topology includes in each channel:
    • The 480VAC AC to DC conversion
    • The channel-to-channel isolation
    • The DC control of the output
    • All in a single power stage

The BAT300 Series marks Unico's first product launch on the new Unico IDAC power platform following the acquisition of Present Power Systems (PPS), which significantly expanded Unico's product portfolio of battery cell, module, and pack testing solutions. With its ability to enhance the basic cell testing and formation market, the BAT300 Series fills a crucial gap where high end research solutions are overqualified and expensive and conventional equipment often falls short in terms of performance or efficiency. This innovative technology is ideally suited for cell formation in gigafactories, as well as for aging and functionality testing in R&D laboratories, and end-of-life (EOL) activities in cell/module manufacturing lines.

"This latest product marks the debut of our new power electronics platform, codenamed 'IDAC’ (Isolated DC/AC Conversion)," said Don Wright, VP of Engineering at Unico. "The technology embodies a revolutionary shift in flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. It's been immensely rewarding to introduce this product to the market, and we're excited about the potential to develop more innovations for our roadmap using this cutting-edge technology."

The product is ready for demonstration purposes with first deliveries this summer.

​​To request a meeting with Unico at the International Battery Seminar, contact unico@skyya.com. To learn more about Unico’s revolutionary technology and decades of experience, visit unicous.com.

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