Enserva launches THINK Energy campaign: highlighting diverse career paths within the energy services sector


As part of this campaign, Enserva is introducing its workingenergy.ca portal, a unique job site used to connect employers to those looking for roles in the energy services sector

CALGARY, Alberta, March 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enserva, formerly Petroleum Services Association of Canada, has officially launched its THINK Energy campaign, a national awareness strategy to showcase lucrative careers available within the energy services sector. This campaign will help educate Canadians about unique job offerings and career opportunities within this industry and seeks to encourage job seekers to rethink what they know about the energy services, supply and manufacturing sector and to engage in dialogue about the vast job prospects available as the sector evolves. As part of the campaign, Enserva is launching an energy services sector-specific job website, the Working Energy Portal, that will not only serve as a portal for employers and job seekers but will act as a training hub for Canadians to find and further develop their skillset to succeed within the industry.

“The THINK Energy campaign is designed to inform Canadians about the abundance of job opportunities available within the sector regardless of experience level or background, as well as the variety of innovation, technology and advancements that have been made,” says Gurpreet Lail, CEO, Enserva. “As a part of this campaign, the Working Energy Portal will showcase the broad range of career possibilities within the energy services sector, aiming to challenge preconceived notions about opportunities in this field, as well as providing workers with excellent training and upskilling opportunities, so those entering the sector with no experience can find the perfect place to start their career.”

The Working Energy portal will address talent shortages by reaching new job seekers and simplifying the candidate search process for the industry. In its initial stages, the portal is focused primarily on connecting entry level talent with job opportunities. In the future, the intention is to include more mid and senior level roles. Beginning at the entry level stages, employees can get the support they need to start what can be a long and successful career in the energy services, supply and manufacturing sector.

“There is currently a 3,000-4,000-person labour shortage in the energy services sector that is made up of labourers, drivers, tradespeople and more, and Enserva is hoping to connect those looking for jobs with companies who need positions filled and create a long-term solution to this shortage,” added Lail. “We are taking a proactive response to the labour shortage by working with our members to highlight all types of jobs in the industry, educating Canadians to help expand their understanding of the industry and the career opportunities available.”

As the energy industry continues to transform to include a mix of oil and gas and renewable sources, the sector needs to fill current, and emerging positions in A.I., robotics, geothermal, environmental sustainability, trades, skilled labour and more. Enserva aims to attract a more diverse range of talent to the industry by providing aspiring professionals, including new Canadians, recent graduates from trade school and post-secondary institutions, Indigenous Peoples and more with a user-friendly and accessible platform. This diversification of the talent pool will bring fresh perspectives, skills, and experiences, ultimately enhancing the sector’s overall competitiveness and success.

The job portal is simple to use as applicants can upload their profile and enter specific criteria that employers can easily match to job postings. The portal allows job seekers to set up alerts when jobs are posted that match the skill set on their profiles and provides easy-to-access training and courses in its training centre.

Enserva is pleased to have partnered with various companies in the energy services sector such as AMGAS, Iron Horse Energy Services, NOV, Sanjel Energy Services, STEP Energy Services, Strike Group, Tier 1 Energy Solutions, Weatherford along with the provincial and federal government to bring this portal to life. Enserva relies on its members to support these types of initiatives to be able to better serve the over 400,000 workers this industry relies on.

For more information about the Working Energy Portal, visit www.workingenergy.ca.

For more information about Enserva, visit www.enserva.ca.

About Enserva
Enserva is the voice of the Canadian energy services, supply and manufacturing sector, and its vital workforce. For over 40 years we have championed and empowered Canadian energy. We never stop innovating and finding solutions to help Canadian energy thrive. We unlock Canadian energy to find a better energy future for all. Our members make the world a better place by reducing energy poverty, increasing energy security, and creating economic growth and jobs.

In September 2022, the Petroleum Services Association of Canada was rebranded as Enserva.

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