ConCntric Streamlines Construction Procurement with BuildingConnected Integration

SAN FRANCISCO, March 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ConCntric, a leading provider of preconstruction management software, is proud to announce a new integration with BuildingConnected®, a preconstruction solution that is part of Autodesk Construction Cloud®, a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builders network and predictive insights for construction teams. This integration redefines preconstruction and procurement practices by seamlessly bridging the gap between the estimating phase and the subcontractor bidding phase, resulting in fewer errors and increased productivity.

ConCntric's procurement module assists general contractors in the planning and development of project bid packages, providing an instant overview of ongoing work. Each bid package contains detailed information, including estimated values, negotiation targets, and comprehensive collateral such as specs, drawings, and scoping documents. The entire bid package generated in ConCntric then syncs into BuildingConnected to distribute to subcontractors. Finally, the awarded values from BuildingConnected sync back into ConCntric to track the planned versus actual costs.

This integration specifically targets the procurement phase, aiming to streamline the often manual and disjointed processes prevalent in the industry. Steve Dell’Orto, Founder and CEO of ConCntric, explained, "In my 26 years in the industry, including serving as an Executive Officer at one of the largest GC firms in the US, I've witnessed and navigated the industry's challenges firsthand. At ConCntric, our focus is on making preconstruction excellence a reality. From dissecting value options and mitigating risk items to streamlining the procurement phase, we are pioneering innovative solutions and processes that address long standing industry gaps.”

In a sector where technology solutions have primarily focused on the construction phase of the lifecycle, ConCntric is hyper focused on creating a platform that serves as a bridge from the design phase of a project to ground break. Traditionally overlooked, the preconstruction phase involves critical decisions on project design, materials, finishes, and overall planning. ConCntric is committed to uniting all stakeholders during this crucial phase, enabling them to concentrate their efforts on meticulous planning and value engineering where necessary.

“We are not replacing existing tools; we are enhancing them. For subcontractors and contractors already using BuildingConnected, our integration ensures they can continue leveraging familiar workflows without disruption. At the same time, our focus on data enables us to provide enhanced insights into procurement performance,” said Andy Leek, Head of Product, ConCntric.

“A solid construction procurement process requires getting all of the right bid information in the hands of a broad and capable group of subcontractors,” said James Cook, Director of Industry and Technology Partnerships, Autodesk. “This integration allows our GC customers to include the bid packages compiled in ConCntric in the invitations to bid that they send to the comprehensive network of subcontractors available through BuildingConnected, ensuring they assemble the right team to tackle any project.”

ConCntric is revolutionizing the construction industry, making projects more affordable, predictable, and sustainable. With their cutting-edge platform, customers have seen a remarkable 40% increase in margins, a 70% reduction in project risk, and a 20% boost in preconstruction team capacity. ConCntric’s integration with BuildingConnected further solidifies their commitment to transforming preconstruction processes, setting a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in the built world.

ConCntric is a preconstruction management software that helps teams manage the entire design and planning process in a unified platform. Through intuitive digitized workflows and interactive charts, ConCntric guides teams to grasp the entirety of their project's landscape in a single view. By simply uploading your estimates as you go through the preconstruction process, ConCntric allows you to: compare your current project status with prior project data and industry benchmarks, track insights on all projects with portfolio-wide KPIs and analytics, and forecast possibilities and scenario model outcomes to align your design with your budget. Learn more and book a demo at

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