SoftServe Debuts Four Demos Showcasing Generative AI and Industrial Metaverse Adoption at NVIDIA GTC 2024

AUSTIN, Texas, March 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SoftServe, a premier IT consulting and digital services provider, today announced it will debut four new demos depicting the technology adoption benefits of Generative AI (Gen AI) and the industrial metaverse at NVIDIA GTC, the global AI conference happening next week.

SoftServe’s four demos – WarehouseSim, Simulation First, Industrial Copilot, and Gen – were developed with NVIDIA technologies to showcase proven approaches for businesses to adopt technologies such as Gen AI, digital twins, robotics, and simulations.

“All four SoftServe demos are state of the art in applying digital twins and Gen AI to solve real-life business challenges, ranging from maximizing efficiency and accelerating time to market in the industrial sector to driving rich customer experiences,” said Taras Bachynskyi, VP of Technology at SoftServe. “Our goal is to demonstrate the capabilities of NVIDIA® Omniverse™, NVIDIA NeMo™, NVIDIA Riva, and other advanced technologies in a very intuitive and engaging way that propels faster adoption. By using natural language and extended reality to interact with the industrial metaverse or digital assistants in our demos, GTC attendees will experience firsthand the innovative changes that will soon become a reality.”

SoftServe will showcase the following demos at booth #426:

SoftServe WarehouseSim
The SoftServe WarehouseSim is a digital twin that allows users to build, operate, and redesign a warehouse in a virtual environment before actual implementation. Industrial metaverse simulations enable stakeholders across industries, roles, and responsibilities to test and examine changes that may impact operations or result in unexpected costs. In this demo, users can place specific elements, such as racks, docks, conveyors, forklifts, and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), within a virtual environment to evaluate throughput or identify potential bottlenecks. The same technologies and approach can be applied in other domains, such as factory and production planning in the manufacturing and automotive sectors.

SoftServe Simulation First
The next demo, SoftServe Simulation First, presents a physically accurate vertical farm environment where users can collaborate with robots through simulations. This method drastically reduces robotics and advanced automation solution costs and physical iterations, enabling safer testing, rapid deployment, advanced debugging, more optimization, and greater efficiencies. The photorealistic demo showcases scalable, accurately portrayed environments using robots in high-fidelity simulations. It highlights the transformation of custom robotic development and training across industries.

SoftServe Gen AI Industrial Copilot
The SoftServe Gen AI Industrial Copilot harnesses large language model (LLM) knowledge of manufacturing processes and equipment to provide physical workers with operations support, advice, and guidance. Using Generative AI, users receive detailed instructions and autogenerated insight, enabling rapid navigation through equipment manuals, procedures, and records. The demo embodies a more progressive route for maintenance processes and strategies to identify problem origins and enhance overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Gen, SoftServe Gen AI Assistant
The final demo, SoftServe’s Gen AI Assistant, “Gen,” is a virtual customer assistant and digital concierge. Gen creates personalized, immersive experiences for customer support, onboarding, and general education about an organization. Representing the evolution of chatbots, Gen offers a more engaging and superior customer service experience by leveraging LLMs and cutting-edge dialog management mechanisms to enhance the flow of the conversation. The digital concierge can assist users online or in physical locations, expanding customer reach and overall service delivered.

NVIDIA technologies – including the use of NVIDIA Omniverse™, NVIDIA Isaac Sim™, NVIDIA AI Enterprise, which encompasses NeMo, Riva, and NVIDIA Triton Inference Server™ – form the core of SoftServe’s demos.

SoftServe thought leaders will present at five sessions during GTC to complement these demos:

SoftServe’s demos premiere March 18-21 at booth #426 during NVIDIA GTC online and at the San Jose Convention Center. Attendees can interact with the demos in person and register for a Talks & Panels session through the GTC session catalog. To learn more about SoftServe’s demos and ongoing collaboration with NVIDIA, visit this website.


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