The American Dream: Doctors Unite to Educate About Proactive Health on "The World Wellness Show"

137 Countries Receive Expert Advice from Holistic Doctors on Mission Aiming to Shift from Sick Care to Wellcare!

GAINESVILLE, Fla., March 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The World Wellness Show expands collaborative movement towards proactive health to 137 countries with the help of top wellness experts. NOW accepting NEW Doctor Interviews! Doctors wanting to share "their messages" globally and create personalized content for their clinic's social media and websites can schedule their interview now at: This initiative has the support of Dr. Patrick Porter, CEO of BrainTap Technologies (a revolutionary brainwave technology for holistic health) and international speaker in neuropsychology.

The World Wellness Show was created to provide viewers a variety of all-inclusive and preventative solutions to keep their health top of mind and offer educational information to practice a proactive approach to their wellbeing rather than a treating after an ailment has developed. Elite holistic wellness and anti-aging experts are sharing their knowledge including neuropsychology, neuroplasticity, stem cell therapy, biohacking, peptides, red light therapy, brain-based therapy and testing, Dementia, mood disorders, dizziness, hormone therapy and much more.

The average life expectancy in the USA is 79.6—collectively through education we can make a difference. Help get the word out!

Trish Gleason, Host of the World Wellness Show, shared: “Together we can educate the world and spark a shift in wellcare from treatment to prevention. Our goal is to spark a paradigm shift to how we perceive and prioritize health and move away from reactive treatments and towards proactive wellness practices. With support from people like you we can collectively make a difference.”

Dr. Tom Lankering, Former Holistic TV Show Host of 21 years, Previous Chiropractor of the Year in Colorado and clinic owner and Chiropractor at Lankering Chiropractic and Brain-Based Wellness in Bassalt CO, added: “As a brain-based, bioenergetic doctor of 40 years I urge ALL DOCTORS to go to and schedule an interview...where else can you share your message globally for $299, which is a 75% discount...let's get the message out!”

Marketing companies and Podcasts that provide services to doctors may reach out to incorporate The World Wellness Show interviews into their packages. Show host and prominent doctors may be available for interviews on your platforms.


Their journey began in 2018 with a clear mission to educate and empower individuals globally on a proactive approach to health, wellness and anti-aging. Host and founder Trish Gleason's path to this endeavor was paved through her 29-year tenure as a Wealth Manager & Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist, where she was a guest speaker at medical conferences and managed doctors' financial portfolios allowing the opportunity for her to delve into their realm of holistic medicine. It was this experience that inspired her to launch The World Wellness Show, driven by a passion to make a positive impact on the happiness and longevity of people worldwide. Dr. Tom Lankering has had a powerful drive to promote brain-based and holistic wellness for over 40 years including operating a clinic in Basalt CO and hosting his own TV Show in Colorado for 21 years. Dr. Lankering is a Honorary Council Member and instrumental in collaborating with the show to help "spread the word." Lankering Chiropractic and Brain-Based Wellness

Join The World Wellness Show as they create a movement towards proactive wellness and help spread the good news by signing up to be a part of the journey at

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For More information contact Trish Gleason, CEO/Host, 404.444.0905 ore 352.871.7171 or email

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