NNIT A/S: Resolutions from the annual general meeting of NNIT A/S

Today, NNIT A/S held its annual general meeting, at which the following were noted/approved:

Financial year 2023 and 2024

  • The Chairman of the Board gave the Board of Directors’ report on the Company’s activities in the past financial year, especially highlighting:
    • launch of the new strategy for the Company with focus on Life Science internationally as well as the public and private sector in Denmark,
    • the divestment on April 28, 2023 of the Company’s infrastructure operation, also called the IO Business, to Aeven Holding ApS, a company owned by funds advised by Agilitas Private Equity LLP,
    • positive financial development throughout the year, as well as
    • high customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Approval of the Company's audited annual report for 2023.
  • Approval of the allocation of profit according to the adopted annual report for 2023.
  • Approval of discharge of liability to members of the Board of Directors and Executive Management.
  • Approval of the Company's Remuneration Report for 2023 (advisory vote).
  • Approval of the remuneration of the Board of Directors for 2024.
  • Approval of updated Remuneration Policy of the Company.


  • Re-election of Carsten Dilling as Chairman of the Board of Directors and re-election of Eivind Kolding as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • Re-election of Nigel Govett, Caroline Serfass and Christian Kanstrup and new election of Jan Winther as members of the Board of Directors.
  • New appointment of EY Godkendt Revisionspartnerselskab, company registration (CVR) no. 30 70 02 28 as the Company’s auditor in respect of statutory financial and sustainability reporting.

Authorisation to acquire treasury shares

  • Authorisation to the Board of Directors to in the period until the annual general meeting in 2025 approve the acquisition of treasury shares with a total nominal value of up to 10% of the share capital, subject to the Company’s holding of treasury shares not exceeding 10% of the share capital.

Composition of the Board of Directors and board committees

After the annual general meeting, the Board of Directors held a board meeting to appoint the members of its Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee.

In accordance with the resolutions passed at the general meeting, the Board of Directors are composed as follows and the Board of Directors decided that the Audit Committee and Remuneration Committee shall be composed as follows:

  • Carsten Dilling (Chairman of the Board of Directors and member of the Remuneration Committee)
  • Eivind Kolding (Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Remuneration Committee)
  • Nigel Govett (member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Audit Committee)
  • Christian Kanstrup (member of the Board of Directors and member of the Remuneration Committee and Audit Committee)
  • Caroline Serfass (member of the Board of Directors)
  • Jan Winther (member of the Board of Directors)
  • Kim Høyer (employee representative)
  • Dorte Broch Pedersen (employee representative)
  • Frederik Sparre Willumsen (employee representative)
  • Ingelise Bærentzen Melchiorsen (employee representative – substitute)
  • Annette Pedersen (employee representative – substitute)
  • Daniel Fittussy (employee representative – substitute)

Contact for further information

Carsten Ringius
Tel: +45 3077 8888

Media relations:
Tina Joanne Hindsbo
Media Relations Manager
Tel: +45 3077 9578

NNIT is a leading provider of IT solutions to life sciences internationally, and to the public and enterprise sectors in Denmark

We focus on high complexity industries and thrive in environments where regulatory demands and complexity are high.

We advise and build sustainable digital solutions that work for the patients, citizens, employees, end users or customers.

We strive to build unmatched excellence in the industries we serve, and we use our domain expertise to represent a business first approach – strongly supported by a selection of partner technologies, but always driven by business needs rather than technology. The NNIT Group consists of group company NNIT A/S and subsidiaries including SCALES, Excellis Health Solutions and SL Controls. Together, these companies employ more than 1,700 people in Europe, Asia and USA.

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