NewSight Reality Unveils Transparent Optical Module (TOM) 2.0 at Vision Expo East 2024

Next Generation Technology Delivers Visual Fidelity With Seamless End User Experience

NEW YORK, March 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NewSight Reality Inc. (NSR), a leading innovator of Augmented Reality (AR) enablement technologies that integrate real-world surroundings with relevant digital information, today announced the next generation of its Transparent Optical Module (TOM) 2.0. Key highlights of the new advanced technology include a patented stray light shielding solution, active micro-lens optics, improved power efficiency and a scalable platform to address a variety of markets that utilize near-eye transparent display and lens applications. With a focus on practicality, performance, and versatility, TOM 2.0 offers the capabilities needed for broad commercial and consumer adoption.

Vision Expo East has a long history of introducing optical innovation, which provides a logical venue for the unveiling of TOM 2.0. NSR is engaging with eyewear and spectacle lens providers to advance and integrate its cutting-edge technology and enhance the AR experience for users. In addition to vision care, NSR is in active discussions with market leaders in healthcare, education, manufacturing, and sports and leisure.

“Augmented Reality is all about enhancing the visual information experience,” stated Read Ziegler, CEO of NSR, “TOM 2.0 is another significant milestone toward NSR’s objective of providing an AR experience that is versatile and organic, but is also there when it’s mission-critical.”

Originating from optical scientists and Silicon Valley technologists, and further accelerated by US military contracts, TOM 2.0 utilizes key advancements to maximize clarity, visibility and power efficiencies. These advancements include:

  • Newly Patented Stray Light Shielding Solution: A recently awarded patent, from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its Tubular Stray Light invention, specifically focuses light efficiently toward the user’s eye.
  • Active Micro-Lens Optics: A dynamic, switchable micro-lens design that preserves transparency and demonstrably increases power efficiency.

The latest patent brings NSR’s portfolio to 22 issued and pending patents plus multiple trade secrets in the US and internationally. In addition to NSR’s team of optical and scientific experts, the company collaborates with Kent State University, Mojo Vision (a micro-LED provider), and Synapse (a division of Capgemini) to advance AR/VR/XR technology.

“At NSR, we are pioneering and building the future of AR to overcome technical barriers that have prevented AR from reaching its full potential,” said Svetlana Samoilova, Chief Technology Officer of NewSight Reality. “TOM 2.0 provides the efficiency and scalability required for AR product mass adoption.”

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