City of Miami Mayor Celebrates Grand Opening of Mawer Capital's New Miami Office

Miami mayor Francis Suarez joins entrepreneur and celebrity marketer Rudy Mawer at grand opening of new Miami office

Miami, FL , March 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The mayor of City of Miami attended the official opening of the new Miami office of renowned Mawer Capital, owned by entrepreneur and celebrity marketer, Rudy Mawer. The grand opening ceremony took place recently at the Miami office, bringing together A-list celebrities, business professionals, and top influencers to celebrate this exciting milestone.

City of Miami Mayor Celebrates Grand Opening of Mawer Capital's New Miami Office
City of Miami Mayor Celebrates Grand Opening of Mawer Capital's New Miami Office

The event kicked off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by the Mayor, who expressed his enthusiasm for the addition of Mawer Capitals' thriving business to the vibrant Miami community. He emphasized the city's commitment to being agents of change, and warmly welcomed Rudy Mawer and his team to the Miami community.

Rudy Mawer is a well-known celebrity entrepreneur, and king of digital marketing who has achieved remarkable success working with A-list celebrities and some of the biggest brands in the world through his company Mawer Capital. The opening of the Miami office marks a strategic expansion for Mawer’s business, providing a hub for operations and collaboration in the dynamic and rapidly growing Miami market.

During the ceremony, the Mayor commended Rudy for choosing Miami as the location for his new office and acknowledged the positive impact the business will have on the local economy. He also expressed his support for businesses that contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

Rudy Mawer expressed his gratitude to the Mayor and the Miami community for the warm welcome and shared his excitement about the potential for growth and success in the city. Mawer emphasized his commitment to supporting the local community and contributing to the economic development of Miami.

Rudy was quoted as saying: “We believe Miami is the place to be right now. I relocated here and I tell everyone they need to relocate here. The opportunities in Miami have never been better. I believe your environment and network/connections will be one of the biggest determinants of success in life, so choose carefully. I chose Miami.”

The opening of Mawer Capital’s Miami office represents a significant step in the continued growth and success of both the entrepreneurial community and the city. This is the expansion of Mawer’s 3rd office, starting three years ago with a 12,000 sq ft Clearwater HQ in the Tampa bay area, then expanding to Miami and the UK this year.

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About Rudy Mawer and Mawer Capital

After 10+ years growing brands online, Rudy Mawer, CEO of Mawer Capital, now works with Fortune 500 brands and major A-list celebrities to advise, consult and build out their social media strategy, online digital social ad strategy, and help with branding and positioning to scale online.

Rudy’s clientele and business partners include major billion $ brands and many exclusive partners such as Olympians, NFL Super Bowl Champions, Hollywood stars and more. With Mr Mawers’ experience helping grow over 40,000 companies, he's often interviewed in magazines such as Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur.

Rudy currently runs the 100 employee company, Mawer Capital, with board members and partners including Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank. Mawer Capital was awarded the Inc 5000 this year.

Rudy has grown revenue to $1 million dollars per day and spent over $300,000 per day profitably on Facebook ads.


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