INVESTOR NEWS no. 19 - 18 March 2024

To decarbonise and meet growing customer demand for low emission road transport solutions, DFDS has ordered another 100 e-trucks (electric trucks) through a leasing agreement with Volvo Trucks for delivery in 2024 and 2025.

The new e-trucks will be deployed in markets across Europe where e-trucks are already in operation as well as new markets such as the UK, Ireland and Norway to meet the growing demand for low emissions transport solutions.

The deployment of e-trucks in 2023 is proving to be a commercially viable initiative attracting customers and partners who value sustainability and forward-thinking solutions. Market penetration has initially been highest in the Nordics but customer interest is steadily rising in the rest of Europe as well.

The new order, along with ongoing investments in charging infrastructure, positions DFDS as a frontrunner in the green transformation of Europe’s heavy-duty transport sector. Being amongst the first movers to offer e-truck solutions at scale entail advantages in the rapidly evolving transport markets as more and more companies are looking to decarbonise their supply chains.

DFDS’ total e-truck fleet is now increased to 225 of which 95 are currently operational in Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Belgium, and the Netherlands. DFDS’ e-trucks reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 1.516 tonnes (Well-to-Wheel) in 2023.

The new e-trucks are Volvo FH Electric and Volvo FM Electric that can carry a maximum weight of 44 tons (Gross Combination Weight) and drive up to 300 km when fully charged.


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About DFDS

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