Taqt Transforms Facility Management and Cleaning Services with Advanced Smart Device Integration

Taqt Advances Facility Management with Smart Solutions, Setting New Standards in Operational Efficiency and Client Satisfaction

MISSOULA, Mont., March 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In today's demanding operational landscape, where efficiency and client satisfaction are pivotal, Taqt advances the cleaning and facility management sectors by integrating smart devices and solutions, such as TaqtOne, into the everyday management of facilities. The company is setting new benchmarks in trust, transparency, and efficiency. Taqt's approach, focusing on cleanliness, service quality, incident management, staff traceability, and feedback, positions it as a leader in the digital transformation of facility management. This initiative aims to elevate satisfaction and cost-effective operational excellence.

The introduction of TaqtOne represents a significant step forward in facilities management, combining Internet of Things (IoT) technology with practical applications to increase the efficiency and responsiveness of cleaning services. At its core, TaqtOne is a real-time, interactive system that enhances facilities management through several innovative features.

TaqtOne's adoption signifies a move towards paperless operations, eliminating traditional paper-based communication and enabling direct, real-time interaction between service users and cleaning contractors. This facilitates quicker cleaning responses, ensuring that facilities not only maintain exemplary standards of cleanliness but also adhere to stringent hygiene compliance regulations.

Pictured user feedback options to report restroom service needs, along with staff traceability

Pictured: User feedback options to report restroom service needs, along with staff traceability

Reporting is another area where Taqt shines, with TaqtOne providing comprehensive, real-time reports on service requests, tasks completed, and satisfaction feedback. This transparency is crucial for continuous improvement in service quality and satisfaction management.

Distinctively, TaqtOne is celebrated for its simplicity and ability to be customized. It operates over a cellular network, negating the need for additional infrastructure or IT administrative approval. Its user interface is intentionally straightforward, allowing for real-time monitoring and management of attendance, tasks, service requests, and staff traceability, making it highly adaptable to the unique needs of each facility.

In addition, TaqtOne prioritizes health and safety by incorporating touchless technologies and anti-microbial covers, thus contributing to breaking the chain of infection and enhancing hygiene standards.

TaqtOne's versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of facilities, from small buildings to large campuses, providing facility managers with a robust tool for making data-driven decisions to improve overall operational efficiency.

The launch of TaqtOne is a testament to Taqt's commitment to redefining the cleaning industry. This smart device has been implemented across various sectors, including healthcare, commercial buildings, the public sector, manufacturing, education, and transportation. TaqtOne is a demonstration of the critical role smart devices play in hygiene compliance, increasing transparency, and empowering users by digitizing facility management operations. It effectively merges smart technology with practical application, leading to unparalleled operational efficiency and setting new standards in service that meet the current and future needs of facility management.

About Taqt:
Founded in 2016 and headquartered in France, Taqt is behind the innovative TaqtOne smart device. With over 20,000 TaqtOne devices deployed globally—including in France, North America, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, and Spain—Taqt's technology is trusted by leading brands such as Johns Hopkins APL, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Euro Tunnel, Pepsico, Nestle, IKEA, Amazon, Netflix, and GE. Taqt's success illustrates the global market's confidence in its ability to enhance facility management, cleaning contractors' operations, incident reporting, proof of service, satisfaction management, and staff traceability.

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