Return Stacked® U.S. Stocks & Managed Futures ETF (RSST), Return Stacked™ Bonds & Managed Futures ETF (RSBT) Trading halt and resumption of trading

MILWAUKEE, March 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tidal Investments LLC (“Tidal”) announces that the Return Stacked® U.S. Stocks & Managed Futures ETF, (Ticker: RSST), Return Stacked™ Bonds & Managed Futures ETF, (Ticker: RSBT) were halted to allow Tidal to evaluate the accuracy of each of the RSST and RSBT Net Asset Values per share (NAVs) published for March 20, 2024. Tidal determined the NAVs for each of RSST and RSBT were in fact accurate and trading is anticipated to resume on March 21, 2024.



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