Nextech Demos Patient Journey Innovations with Artificial Intelligence for Specialty Practices

LAS VEGAS, March 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nextech, market-leader of comprehensive technology solutions for specialty physician practices, today unveiled multiple transformative artificial intelligence solutions in its software. CEO Bill Lucchini demonstrated the technologies during his keynote session delivered at the kickoff of Nextech’s 10th annual EDGE user conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Generative AI is a new and exciting tool to help us in our mission to simplify how our practices deliver excellent patient care,” said Lucchini in his keynote address. “We have been methodically prototyping and testing these tools to ensure our clients have the gold standard in their hands so their practices can thrive in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.”

Nextech’s product suite improves the customer, patient, and provider experiences. This three-pronged strategy provides a best-in-class framework for product development that can address the breadth of unique needs across specialty practices. It has also helped to curate high impact use cases for AI to improve operational efficiency alongside the clinical and patient experience. These enhancements are being incorporated into releases that affirm the company’s broader commitment to simplifying the patient journey through enhanced operational efficiency, improved clinical accuracy, and elevated patient experience.

Shared during the keynote and demonstrated at the “Innovation Lab and Theater” in the Expo Hall, Nextech's AI-powered solutions will include the following:

  • AI Virtual Assistant: Nextech’s AI Virtual Assistant never sleeps, acting as a 24/7 digital workforce that automates up to 85% of routine conversations, from patient inquiries to scheduling and FAQs. The technology will lead the market in enhancing patient experience and loyalty, to be made available as a digital front door on clients’ websites.
  • AI Scribe: Providers need to spend more time engaged face to face with their patients rather than typing on a computer screen. Nextech's AI Scribe technology automatically completes the patient chart within the existing framework of Nextech's EHR. As a physician takes the patient’s history, the AI listens, filtering out all non-medical parts of the conversation. It then processes, categorizes, and automatically enters all the pertinent medical information into the clinical chart. While this solution is still in development, it presents an exciting leap forward for vastly improving and automating documentation processes.
  • AI Support: Built directly into Nextech’s software, AI Support technology will empower users via generative AI to automate access to support resources, instantly find answers, and create massive efficiencies for staff. Nextech aims to change the paradigm of having to call, email, or log a support case to get instant responses to important questions.

“As we navigate the intersection of AI and healthcare, our product development team is acutely aware of the nuances between administrators seeking efficiency gains to patients valuing face to face interactions,” said Dr. Jason Handza, Chief Medical Officer at Nextech. “Seeing these technologies develop has been an incredible experience — we love seeing that our clients are as excited as we are!”

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