Rental scams on the rise, home builders are getting hit across the nation.

Local homebuilder, CBH Homes, is taking action against rental scams and working to educate renters on how not to fall victim.

Meridian, Idaho, March 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CBH Homes, a leading home builder in Idaho that also has a rental division and homes for rent (CBH Rentals), is warning the community about the surge in rental scams across the nation on new home construction homes that are for sale. These scams target potential renters and are impacting individuals across our community, posing a threat to their financial well-being and personal security. CBH is working to educate on how to avoid these rental scams. 

“I was a victim of a rental scam. I initially reached out about a house listed under price of rental comps. I thought it may be 'too good to be true',” Lauren, the victim, told CBH. “When I went to tour, they sent a code for the door that didn't work. Then the contact asked for me to fill out an ID verification, he then gave me a new code that did work. My whole family was there and we were desperate for a place. When I asked about the for sale sign, he told me they were trying a rent to buy program. The experience was very frustrating and very violating.” 

These scammers often falsely advertise homes for sale as available for rent and take the photos from a builder’s website, then create their own false listing through sites.

"CBH has seen a large increase in rental scams, especially lately, and we want to help educate people on what to look out for,” says Ronda Conger, Vice President of CBH Homes, who emphasizes the need for heightened awareness. "To help with this issue, we’re taking action and working to provide better signage on homes, catching the false listings early, and increasing the security through our self-guided tour app.” 

What can people do to prevent being scammed? “We are trying to make it as clear as possible. If you’re visiting a CBH home, look for CBH Homes branded For Sale signs, along with signs saying the home is not for rent,” says Conger. “The security through our self-guided tour app will be increasing as well. Expect real-time requests to confirm that you are who you say you are.”

To safeguard against falling victim to these scams, here are a few tips and guidelines to follow:

  1. Check the listing for errors and accuracy. Does the price seem too good to be true? If it does, it probably is. Are there basic grammatical errors or errors about the location or type of property that can be discovered by driving by? These are immediate red flags.
  2. Google the address. You want to make sure the address exists as advertised and are looking to see if there is any information related to the address available online.
  3. Don't send money until you are certain. When everything is going well and it's time to sign on the dotted line, be wary of requests for cash. Remember: Zelle, Venmo, PayPal and other money-sending apps work just like cash — once you send it, it’s gone. Beware of text message requests. CBH Homes emphasizes the importance of not sending personal information, especially driver's license details, over text messages. Legitimate communications regarding home tours and transactions will be conducted through secure channels.
  4. Double-check "For Sale" signs. If there is a "For Sale" sign in the front yard, the property is listed for sale, not for rent. Exercise caution when encountering rental offers for homes with sale signage.

By staying informed and cautious, individuals can protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

CBH Homes has a rental division and homes for rent. To ensure that the listing is real and active, visit to find the listings. 

About CBH Homes:
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