Hopebridge Gears Up for World Autism Month, Spreads Awareness of 1 in 36 Autism Prevalence

Autism Therapy Provider Shares Ways to Get Involved in Community and Tips for Inclusivity

Indianapolis, IN, March 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- INDIANAPOLIS, IN (March 25, 2024) -- As autism prevalence continues to rise, most recently reported as 1 in 36 from the CDC, the importance of education and awareness for the public also continues to grow. Hopebridge Autism Therapy Centers, one of the largest autism therapy providers in the nation, is preparing for an exciting month ahead: World Autism Month. 

April is World Autism Month. Hopebridge emphasizes to the public that this is a time to recognize and raise awareness about autism spectrum disorder (ASD) acceptance and inclusion. To Hopebridge, the month of April is an opportunity to ignite change for children, families and the autism community as a whole. The importance of autism awareness, acceptance and advocacy extends past just the autism community and Hopebridge is prepared to bring educational opportunities, community events, and a chance for everyone to become an advocate this April and beyond.

"World Autism Month is a time to celebrate the diversity and resilience of individuals on the autism spectrum,” said Hopebridge founder, Kim Strunk. “It’s critical that we nurture a society that embraces neurodiversity and promotes inclusivity, which we have been fostering at Hopebridge for nearly two decades.”

In 2020, the CDC provided updated research that showed 1 in 36 children were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Autism, a developmental condition that affects communication, behavior and social interaction, represents a lifelong journey that presents unique opportunities and challenges for individuals, families, and communities. The escalating rate of ASD diagnoses among children since the early 2000’s reinforces the ever-growing need for resources and education.

“As ASD prevalence continues to rise among children, it is clear that we must prioritize early identification and intervention. Signs like avoiding eye contact, delayed or regressed speech, or stimming like hand-flapping or repetitive rocking might be indicators that you should talk to your child's pediatrician about autism testing.” says Hopebridge Licensed Psychologist, Taryn Goldberg.

For more information on diagnostic services or therapy options, please visit: https://hopel.ink/contacthb

While April is commonly referred to as Autism Awareness Month, Hopebridge emphasizes two additional elements: acceptance and advocacy. By educating and championing the three A’s -- awareness, acceptance, and advocacy – Hopebridge aims to foster informed and inclusive communities for those on the spectrum. Throughout the month, Hopebridge will be hosting and sponsoring community events across the nation. From advocacy walks and resource fairs to in-center first responder days and educational social media campaigns, it is Hopebridge’s mission to make April a month full of celebration and learning. For a list of autism events in your area, please visit: https://hopel.ink/WAMevents

Looking to connect with the autism community or advocate in an entirely new way? Hopebridge is hiring compassionate and mission-driven team members to help make an impact for the autism community. Serving 12 different states and with over 100 centers plus a corporate office, there is a unique opportunity for everyone to serve this special community.

For more information about how you can join Hopebridge’s mission, please visit:  https://hopel.ink/HBjobs


About Hopebridge

Hopebridge was founded in 2005 to serve the growing need for autism treatment services and to improve the lives of affected children and families. Hopebridge is committed to providing personalized outpatient ABA, occupational, speech and feeding therapies for children touched by autism spectrum disorder and behavioral, physical, social, communication and sensory challenges. Hopebridge provides a trusted place where they can receive the care, support and hope they deserve.

Nearly two decades later, Hopebridge continues to open state-of-the-art autism therapy centers in new communities to reach patients and families who need services. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Hopebridge operates over 100 centers in the following twelve states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio and Tennessee.


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