IGadgets and KUKU HUB collaborate on promoting the KUKU Maker: Take Control of Your Coffee Taste

GARDEN GROVE, Calif., March 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IGadgets is pleased to announce its collaboration with KUKU HUB, introducing the highly anticipated KUKU Maker, a cutting-edge coffee machine designed to redefine the art of coffee brewing. This groundbreaking collaboration marks a new era in coffee innovation, empowering enthusiasts to unleash their creativity and indulge in a truly personalized coffee experience.

Traditional coffee machines have long confined enthusiasts within the boundaries of preset parameters, limiting their ability to explore the full spectrum of flavors. However, the KUKU Maker shatters these limitations by offering unprecedented control and flexibility, allowing users to tailor every aspect preferences.

Unlocking Endless Flavor Possibilities
Imagine a world where your coffee creations know no bounds. The KUKU Maker opens the door to endless flavor possibilities, transforming every extraction state and coffee bean into a canvas for your imagination. With this revolutionary machine, you have the power to craft a coffee experience that is truly your own.

Unparalleled Control and Flexibility
The KUKU Maker offers a wide array of adjustable options, including extraction pressure, temperature, time, and grind fineness, providing users with exceptional control over every aspect of the brewing process. This level of flexibility ensures that each cup of coffee is crafted precisely to your liking, from the tangy notes of a pour-over to the sweetness of an espresso.

Innovative Technology Redefining Brewing
At the heart of the KUKU Maker lies its innovative extraction mechanism, utilizing centrifugal force to generate stable pressure throughout the brewing process. Unlike conventional machines, which rely on boiling water or pressure pumps, the KUKU Maker's circular extraction principle ensures consistent output and eliminates concerns related to other variables.

Efficiency and User-Friendly Design
Equipped with electromagnetic induction heating technology, the KUKU Maker boasts rapid heating performance, taking less than 50 seconds to heat 60 ml of water for espresso. Its user-friendly design and multifunctional capabilities make brewing various coffee types quick and hassle-free, while its eco-conscious construction minimizes environmental impact and maintenance costs.

Innovative Design and Materials
The KUKU Maker features an ergonomic powder funnel design, energy-efficient induction heating, and durable aluminium alloy construction with IP65 water resistance. These features make the KUKU Maker easy to clean, maintain, and ensure its longevity.

Customizable App Experience
The KUKU Maker comes with an exclusive app that allows users to set the extraction pressure and temperature curve, and save it as a template for future use. Additionally, the app offers pre-saved coffee profiles and the ability to download new profiles, providing a seamless and customizable brewing experience.

Community Engagement
The KUKU Maker team emphasizes direct engagement with consumers through platforms such as Discord and Facebook, aiming to better understand consumer needs and deliver high-quality products at a reasonable price. The growing KUKU Maker community is a testament to its appeal and potential impact.

Conclusion: Embracing Innovation in Every Cup
With its groundbreaking technology and unmatched versatility, the KUKU Maker heralds a new era in coffee brewing. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a budding connoisseur, this revolutionary machine invites you to explore, experiment, and indulge in a coffee experience like never before. Join us as we embrace innovation in every cup and redefine the possibilities of coffee brewing with the KUKU Maker.


The KUKU HUB team, a mix of hardware, software, and mechanical engineers, designers, supply chain experts, as well as coffee lovers, all driven by the goal of creating awesome products across various industries that are affordable and top-notch. They currently have offices in China and Singapore. They aim to be involved in everything from design and R&D to production and sales. KUKU HUB team believe this approach will help them better understand consumer needs and deliver higher-quality products at more affordable prices.

For further information please contact: info@kukuhub.com 

Visit https://www.kukuhub.com/en or check the KUKU Maker campaign page.

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