Bridgeline Releases Zeus Update with Concept and Image Search

WOBURN, Mass., March 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLIN), a provider of marketing software, announced that Smart Search by HawkSearch, featuring AI powered concept and image search with Generative AI (GenAI) capabilities, is now available to the general public.        

Smart Search leverages the latest advancements in AI, including large language models (LLMs) and vector databases, to empower online shopping search functionality. Smart Search includes three capabilities:

  • Concept Search
  • Image Search
  • GenAI

Concept Search understands the intent behind a customer’s search to find products that are more relevant to the customer’s needs. A customer can describe what they need to automatically create a shopping list. For example, if a customer tells an online flower store, “find white flowers to plant in Southern California with fragrant blooms to attract bees,” SmartSearch would return Gardenia and Star Jasmine.

Image Search allows online shoppers to shop with photos from their cell phone or online images. A shopper could go to the above gardening website and upload a photo of a garden to automatically load their shopping cart with similar flowers and trees.

GenAI improves an online store’s ranking in search engines and the customer’s overall experience by automatically creating, correcting, or expanding descriptions of products in your catalog. GenAI also creates landing pages with strong keywords for each product. GenAI increases efficiency for site administrators, SEO teams and content creators.

Smart Search supports 50 languages, allowing for global accessibility, even if the site is primarily in English.

Prior to today’s release of Smart Search to the public, select companies including Max Warehouse, a key player in the building materials sector, Nail Gun Depot, and Rainbow Resource Center, have used Smart Search in its limited release with outstanding results.

“I’ve spent most of my life in AI research and the last 24 months have seen more progress in AI than the last 24 years,” said Ari Kahn, CEO of Bridgeline. “AI has changed expectations for online shoppers and Smart Search powers Bridgeline’s customers to bound past their competitors with a more intuitive shopping experience that converts online visitors to online buyers. This release affirms our dedication to fostering our customers' success in the increasingly competitive online marketplace.”

For a walk through of the new features and functionality in this release, called Zeus, register for our webinar on April 11th, 9am PST / 12 EST.

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