Cannabis Brand Launches THC Seltzer Nationwide, 4 oz Larger than Market Standard

MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ounce of Hope, a leading cannabis brand, has launched its own line of THC-infused seltzers. Named Berry High and Peach Buzz, the two unique flavors each contain 5mg THC per 16-oz can. They’re also 4 ounces larger than the typical market standard of 12 ounces, giving consumers more bang for their buck.

Made with limited, fresh, and natural ingredients, Peach Buzz and Berry High are federally legal cannabis drinks that provide a powerful buzz.


“There’s a QR code on every can that takes you to our website, where you can see our other products, lab results, and everything in between,” said Collin Bercier, founder of Ounce of Hope. “We touch the plant, make the product, take care of the fish that help us grow the plant, and actually care about what gets sent out into the world.”

Berry High and Peach Buzz are both available on Ounce of Hope’s website and at their two local dispensaries in Memphis, Tennessee. The seltzers each contain fresh fruit as part of their limited-ingredient, natural blend.

“It’s to the point now where we have to strain out the seeds and the flesh of the fruit to get our final product,” said Cameron Heil, Ounce of Hope’s Director of Operations and Business Development. “And that helps set us apart.”

During the flavor trials, the team would try 40 or 50 different flavor combinations, take notes, and refine the flavors further. Everyone from the budtenders to production managers to fellow local businesses around Ounce of Hope’s dispensaries helped in some way. Each had a say in what flavors were chosen, as well as the rest of the process.

“We’re not just trying to mass-produce a quick-buck seltzer to sell off to a big brand,” Bercier remarked. “We’re here to make a difference. Ounce Of Hope grows, formulates, and operates retail dispensaries where customers can learn about our products. That’s what makes us a brand customers trust.”

Boasting 5mg THC per can, the seltzer offers a predictable and enjoyable experience. This makes it a worthy alternative for those looking to cut back on alcohol consumption this year. It’s a hangover-free, low-calorie, refreshing quencher, with only 32 calories in each can of Berry High and only 34 calories in Peach Buzz.

“The aim is to be low sugar, and instead of using artificial flavors, we’re using real fruit compote,” Heil said. “We just wanted that sensation of cracking a can open and sipping on something without actually having alcohol.”

Both THC drinks are available on Ounce of Hope’s website and in their local dispensaries while supplies last. It’s also available now for wholesale to all applicable states. Find more at


About Ounce of Hope:

Collin Bercier founded Ounce of Hope in 2018 with a mission to improve people's lives by providing easier access to cannabis. One of the fastest-growing brands and one of the only aquaponic brands in the nation, Ounce of Hope is able to deliver exceptional-quality products. The brand looks forward to releasing new flavors and strengths over time.

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