TrainHub Launches Ethical Business Practices in International Student Recruitment

International education training ecosystem’s first-of-its-kind course supports industry integrity and compliance standards

Kitchener, ON, Canada, April 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TrainHub, one of ApplyBoard’s standalone solutions, announces the launch of TrainHub Originals' Ethical Business Practices course, a first-of-its-kind training program for the international education sector. Developed in close partnership with industry professionals, subject matter experts, and instructional designers, this efficient and impactful course sets a new standard in the sector by sharing the most important, widely accepted ethical best practices.

Ethical Business Practices in International Student Recruitment (Ethical Business Practices) shares agreed-upon principles of compliance and integrity in international education. This free e-learning course teaches a set of clear, widely accepted best practices that anyone can refer to when evaluating professional international student recruitment. The course covers professional roles and responsibilities, the pillars of the ETHICS Model, the stages of the recruitment journey, and ethical leadership in international education.

“With the launch of TrainHub Originals’ Ethical Business Practices course, TrainHub is now the tool for compliance training across destination countries,” says Jimmy Battalgia, Head of TrainHub. “Driven by the sector's need for trust, transparency, and accountability, this course is a much-needed step toward bridging the gap between institutions and recruitment partners around the world.”

TrainHub is the international education sector’s training ecosystem, designed to make onboarding and training easier and more accessible than ever before. Acquired by ApplyBoard in 2022, TrainHub’s innovative platform helps hundreds of universities and colleges provide their recruitment partners with accurate, detailed, and high-quality training materials. It provides a new level of training transparency, allowing institutions to easily track which partners have completed mandatory training.

“Properly training any international student recruitment partner is a lot of work. Every destination, academic institution, and study program has its own specific set of rules to know,” says Meti Basiri, Co-Founder & CEO, ApplyBoard. “TrainHub makes this process easier, providing frictionless access to information, professional development, and support, ensuring recruitment partners—and through them, future students—receive accurate, comprehensive information about studying abroad.”

Built according to online learning best practices, the course’s easy-to-navigate interface, accessible content, and interactive elements all contribute to a smooth and enjoyable learning experience for anyone.

This course is the first addition to the evolving larger training ecosystem offered within TrainHub. The ecosystem will soon include additional publicly available training, including courses, certifications, and materials from global associations and governing bodies. The ecosystem is much like other free online learning platforms, created specifically for the international education sector, giving recruitment partners a single go-to learning platform.

With the launch of Ethical Business Practices, TrainHub aims to raise standards in the international education sector, enable recruiters to operate at the highest level of professionalism, and enhance the international student experience.

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TrainHub Launches Ethical Business Practices in International Student Recruitment

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