TREX20 Secures $1 Million in Funding, Primed to Revolutionize BRC20 Ecosystem

Road Town, British Virgin Islands, April 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trex20, a groundbreaking multi-purpose platform, has secured a significant $1 million in early funding. This marks a major milestone for Trex20 as it sets its sights on revolutionizing not only the gaming and blockchain landscape, but mainly revolutionizing the ever-evolving BRC20 ecosystem.

Trex20 is a revolutionary GameFi platform built on the Bitcoin Protocol that combines a diverse library of games, an NFTFi Marketplace with lending and borrowing capabilities, and a progressive lotto system, all accessible through their native token $TR20, creating a one-stop shop for BRC20 enthusiasts.

The success of Trex20 is backed by its investors with prominent venture capital firms. These influential investors include Marshland CapitalMoonrock CapitalOddiyana VenturesTriple Gem CapitalNxgenX21 DigitalNabais Capital, FundLand Capital, and many more.  The project's backers not only provide Trex20 with essential funding, but also bring  invaluable expertise that positions Trex20 for leadership in the constantly developing BRC20 space.

Marshland Group on Trex20's Potential:

"Trex20 is an exciting early stage sleeping giant of a project that exemplifies the new paradigm shift happening in Web 3. Clear innovative multi application approach, NFTFi marketplace, multi game development, lotto play all built on BRC20 eco. We rate this as one of the projects to watch closely. What's not to get excited about!"

TripleGemCapital on Trex20:

“Trex20 is an emerging project with immense potential, representing the forefront of the BRC20 revolution. It boasts a unique approach with various applications, including an NFTFi marketplace, multi-game development, and lottery features, all operating within the BRC20 ecosystem. TripleGemCapital is proud to be part of its journey as its potential for growth and impact is noticeable, and we are excited to witness the realization of its vision.”

Trex20 pioneers a revolutionary PlayStation/Gameboy-inspired ecosystem, etching its name at the forefront of innovation. Built on the BRC20 blockchain, this platform offers an unparalleled gaming experience.  Three captivating games headline the inaugural season, seamlessly integrating the thrill of classic gaming with the power of blockchain technology. To further elevate the experience, Trex20 inscribes the games themselves onto the blockchain, transforming them into a collection of 2009 Genesis NFTs.

Trex20 transcends the boundaries of a simple platform, fostering a vibrant community that actively shapes the possibilities within the BRC20 ecosystem.  Fueling Trex20's unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, the recently secured funding ensures it remains at the forefront of the ever-changing GameFi landscape.  This commitment extends to offering a robust NFTFi marketplace with secure lending and borrowing options, alongside a transparent and provably fair lottery system secured by the Bitcoin Network itself.

Trex20 is now gearing up for its highly anticipated Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on major tier-1 launchpads including Seedify, Finceptor, Alex Labs and OrangeDX. The IDO date will be announced soon, marking a significant step in Trex20's mission to empower users with cutting-edge decentralized gaming solutions in the BRC20 ecosystem.

As Trex20 celebrates this monumental achievement, this event signifies the dawn of a new era in the BRC20 ecosystem, with Trex20 positioned to provide unparalleled opportunities for gamers, NFT Collectors, investors, and token enthusiasts alike.

Trex20’s imminent launch marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the Bitcoin ecosystem, indicating a new era of innovation, accessibility, and growth within the DeFi landscape.

Trex20 Backers:

Marshland Capital | Moonrock Capital | Oddiyana Ventures | Triple Gem Capital | Nxgen | X21 Digital | Nabais Capital | FundLand Capital

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