Sammons Warehouse Solutions joins Precision Warehouse Design in Strategic Partnership

Dallas, Texas, April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sammons Warehouse Solutions (SWS), a provider of warehousing, racking, and storage solutions, and Precision Warehouse Design (PWD), a full-service warehouse automation integrator, today announced the signing of a transformative partnership that brings together SWS’s and PWD’s respective expertise, capabilities, and resources. The completion of the transaction, which is expected to close by the end of April, is subject to regulatory approval. Following completion, the strategic partnership is expected to enhance PWD’s ability to provide innovative solutions to its customers and further solidify its leadership position in the mid-market segment of the North American warehouse automation industry.

PWD’s unique business model of speed to market, technical competency, and employee empowerment has allowed the company to serve more than 300 clients delivering holistic systems including order fulfillment, AS/RS, conveyance, pallet racking systems, conveyor sortation, mezzanines, and after-market services. Through this partnership, Sammons Warehouse Solutions will bring its extensive experience in scaling, innovating, and increasing efficiency as well as a strong capital position to support PWD’s long-term growth plans.  The structure of the partnership will allow PWD team members to become participants in the Sammons Enterprises, Inc. ESOP.

“The PWD team could not be more excited about the opportunity to serve our clients, vendors, and employees with the Sammons Warehouse Solutions team. This partnership aligns perfectly with our existing PWD mission and values, and we are excited to expand our footprint in the industry going forward” Haynie Mayhew and Marc DeWall, Co-founders of PWD.

“As Sammons Warehouse Solutions leads Sammons Industrial further into the warehouse space, we’ve been carefully assessing opportunities for partnerships to accelerate our growth goals. This partnership with PWD is one of the strongest strategic, technical, and cultural fits I have seen, and we are very excited about the future” said Don Keel, President of Sammons Warehouse Solutions.  

“Sammons Industrial is excited to continue to expand its portfolio in the Warehouse space providing an opportunity to give our customers a more diverse offering. This is a prime example of aligning culture and business acumen to create value for both organizations. Don has done a phenomenal job in adding value to our current operations and I am grateful to have him implementing the vision we have for Sammons Warehouse Solutions” Dan Lister, Chief Executive Officer of Sammons Industrial.

This partnership represents a significant milestone for both companies and reaffirms their dedication to deliver a differentiated warehouse automation model built on innovation, speed to market, and serving the holistic needs of the client. Following completion, PWD will be led by Haynie Mayhew and Marc DeWall and continue to be located in its Carrollton Texas offices.



About Precision Warehouse Design 

Headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, Precision Warehouse Design is a leading industrial systems integrator and solutions provider with extensive expertise in design, engineering, and implementation of automated material handling and warehousing solutions. To learn more, visit

About Sammons Warehouse Solutions

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Sammons Warehouse Solutions offers a range of solutions for warehouse and distribution facilities, including racking and storage solutions, dock and door systems, safety equipment, and a diverse range of automated or manual material handling systems. Sammons Warehouse Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sammons Industrial, and part of the Sammons Enterprises family of employee-owned companies. To learn more, please visit

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Sammons Industrial, a Sammons Enterprises-owned company, is the parent company of the Enterprises’ industrial investments and operating companies. This includes a group of global materials handling companies under the trade names Briggs Industrial Solutions in the US, and Briggs Equipment in Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Republic of Ireland. In addition, Sammons Industrial owns SitePro Rentals, a general equipment rental business in the US, and Sammons Warehouse Solutions, a warehouse automation, installation, and design company. Sammons Industrial is focused on adding new investments and companies to its current portfolio of companies, while continuing to focus on growth within its existing businesses.  To learn more please visit


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