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The demand for cleaning services has surged, driven by heightened awareness of hygiene and health benefits. The retail Cleaning Services Market now integrates advanced technology like robots alongside traditional methods, offering cleaning solutions through service providers or intelligent devices. Consequently, the global cleaning services procurement market reached $9.15 billion in 2022, addressing health concerns across residential, public, office, and industrial spaces, leading individuals to seek cleaning assistance for various occasions.

Albuquerque, April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing demand has been seen for cleaning services, as people become more conscious about the advantages of good hygiene and health for their families. However, today’s Cleaning Services Market in the retail domain is not only restricted to conventional and manual methods but also embracing advanced technology-based robots and automatic machines to execute cleaning operations. Therefore, individuals can obtain cleaning assistance either by hiring service providers or purchasing intelligent devices.

Consequently, this boost caused a global cleaning services procurement market to reach a size of $9.15 billion in 2022. Furthermore, whether it is residential, public spots, offices, or industrial spaces, cleaning solutions are occurring as a gem for all areas due to rising health concerns. Thus, as people are becoming aware, they are considering acquiring cleaning assistance for one-time, regular, or special occasions.

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Rise of Advanced and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions Drive Cleaning Services Market Growth

The foremost reason for the development in the global cleaning services industry is rising awareness among people for obtaining a clean atmosphere, whether they are in their residences or workplaces, and for that, they hire professional cleaning assistance.

Another major driver for the cleaning sector is the manufacturing of premium quality and eco-friendly cleaning products, which provide trustworthiness to individuals about their health and safety. Additionally, in the last few years, a rapid surge has been seen in outsourcing cleaning services activities that forced the cleaning industry to a successful stage.

Key Highlights for the Cleaning Services Procurement Market

  • The retail segment’s cleaning services industry comprises key impactful cost components i.e., labor costs, which mainly include salaries and incentives for workers. This cost component owns approximately 70% stakes in the total cleaning services expenditure. Thus, stakeholders are required to keep track of this price aspect, and also hire professional and reliable cleaning workers.
  • The service providers and their consumers operating in the cleaning services sector employ negotiation factors to foster long-term contracts. These factors include technology-based cleaning, shift cleaning, and team-based cleaning.
  • The two significant pricing models of the cleaning services market are fixed price and cost plus. Among these, the fixed price method sets the predetermined price for cleaning operations, whereas, cost-plus allows flexibility in deciding expenses depending on the work done by laborers.
  • The emerging engagement strategies of the cleaning services industry is IFM, also known as integrated facilities management and bundled services engagement. Using IFM, service providers can manage and keep track of their cleaning operations by employing only a single incorporated framework. While the bundled services approach provides consumers with a whole package of varied cleaning aids.
  • Cleaning service market consumers can pay their cleaning companies using prominent KPIs such as prices depending on the particular cleaned areas, checking the quality of acted cleaning operations, measuring the productivity of workers, and inspecting the emergency response time of service providers.
  • The substantial contract duration for stakeholders operating in the global cleaning services industry stays for an average of 3 years.

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Cleaning Services Market Regional Dynamics

According to ELINT Market Research, the international cleaning services industry functions at diverse facts and figures in various countries. In this context, the foremost region is North America, which owns around $2.56 billion market size; thus, this domain conducts significant amounts of cleaning processes. Furthermore, some more key nations are emerging in this list including Europe with $2.98 billion, MEA with $0.80 billion, APAC with $1.91 billion, and LATAM with $0.87 billion market worth. Hence, the analysis concludes that these territories collectively assist in driving success in the international cleaning services sector in the retail segment.

Notable Developments in the Cleaning Services Market

  • Presently, cleaning procurement market intelligence companies are shifting toward incorporating advanced technologies in their conventional and manual methods to build automated cleaning machines and robots to accomplish their cleaning operations.
  • After the pandemic, the need for cleaning solutions has enormously risen in places like homes, offices, retail stores, medical areas, etc. Hence, cleaning workers and managers are expected to obtain 335,500 new jobs over the next ten years.
  • Floor cleaning services holding a substantial share of over 31% have dominated the total cleaning services market in the retail segment. The reason behind this surge is floors are the most used entities in homes, offices, or any other commercial spaces; thus, they require constant cleaning and maintenance.
  • Several global cleaning services companies manufacture eco-friendly and reliable cleaning products in the retail segment to ensure health protection for people, and also they are contributing to safeguarding the environment.
  • The carpet and furniture cleaning services also occurred as major segments in the international cleaning market, which is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 8.2% by 2030.
  • The cleaning industry also proliferating at a CAGR of around 8.6% in the hospitality domain as hotels, resorts, and restaurants are employing large amounts of cleaning solutions to meet their customers’ choices.
  • Aramark Corporation and Healthcare Plus Solutions Group established their exclusive cooperation in February 2023. The partnership is an important aspect of Aramark Healthcare's strategy to support creative, fact-based hospital development.
  • Anago Cleaning Systems confirmed in June 2022 that its newest franchise would be launching in Nebraska, USA. The company's goal with this launch is to increase its presence in the Cornhusker State, and it initially wants to concentrate on the Omaha and Lincoln urban areas.

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Key Players in the Cleaning Services Market
Leading service providers that provide broad cleaning solutions like janitorial, disinfection, specialized cleaning, etc., to different places include Starbag​, Hectas​, Sasse​, RGM, Sauter​, Vinci​, Clece​, Ibergest​, Onet​, ​OCS, Elior Services​, Samsic Facility​, Yxime​, Atalian​, Manutencoop​, Nikal​, FSI​, Guerrato​, UDS​, Tenon​, Sunrise Integrated Facility​, Caere, Avon, Absotherm Facility Management​, CBRE/​Johnson Controls​, ISS​, JLL​, Sodexo​, Cushman & Wakefield​, Sophia Group​, Rentokil Hygiene​, AAFM​, S&S Facilities​, Facillicom​, Post Real Estate​, Treos​, Priora​, Alpiq​, CTA Services​, Nixon Cleaning Co.​, E&K Cleaning Services​, Chung Shing Cleaning Services​, Baguio Green Group​, Swan Hygiene Services, GSN Cleaning Services​, Jurong International​, Aden Services​, EMCOR Group​, TI Management Group​, Unique Cleaning Services​, Busy Bee Cleaning Services​, Anago​, CleanNet​, JaniKing​, Service Master​, GDI Integrated Services​, SNC-Lavalin O&M​, Tri-Clean Building Services​, Vivante​, Reiwag​, Leitbetriebe​, PORR​, Atrium​, Coor​, UCC Services​.

Important Questions Related to the Cleaning Services Market Report
1. Which are the key regions emerging as the leaders in the global cleaning services market?
As per Elint’s cleaning services procurement market research, North America, Europe, MEA, APAC, and LATAM are the leading countries in the international cleaning industry.

2. Which factors contribute to the constant growth of the cleaning services market?
Notable aspects like growing awareness for hygiene among people, an elderly population, dual-income families, eco-friendly cleaning goods, etc. are mainly contributing to the cleaning services sector advancement.

3. Which cleaning service segment type gaining popularity at present?
Floor cleaning service types appeared as the most preferred cleaning assistance by people. Furthermore, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, and furniture cleaning segments are also occurring in the international market.

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