NordPass now allows companies to hide business credentials with email masks

LONDON, April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Having introduced its innovative Email Masking feature back in January for individual customers, the password management firm NordPass went above and beyond, announcing it is now offering this functionality for businesses too. This solution was developed to help companies reduce spam and strengthen their resistance against phishing or other social engineering attacks.

“Whether you want it or not, employees leave work email addresses on various sites – be it to register for an industry-beloved newsletter or to create a gym account. If those accounts get breached, there is a high likelihood your corporate email addresses will also end up packed for purchase on the dark web. A sole email address is sometimes enough for hackers to run a creative phishing attack, and join your company’s systems,” says Karolis Arbaciauskas, the head of business development at NordPass.

NordPass’ Teams, Business, and Enterprise clients, namely people with Admin or Owner rights, can now enable Email Masking feature within the organization by turning on the single toggle in the Admin Panel. Once this is done, employees will be able to generate alternative email addresses for their managed accounts. From the sites where they register with email masks, they will receive messages to the primary email but their actual address will not be disclosed.

According to Arbaciauskas, this feature grants organizations full control of their email addresses’ privacy. They can disable or enable this feature at any time for the entire company. Additionally, employees themselves can turn on or off an email mask for any of the sites. For instance, if they notice their inbox is getting flooded with emails from a website where they registered with an email mask, they can simply disable the forwarding or delete this specific email mask.

“We aim to provide businesses with highly secured innovations to help them combat the pressing issues in the cybersecurity field, including social engineering attacks. Our Email Masking feature has already proved to be a worthy tool among individual users of NordPass, and thus we are excited to present it to our business clients too,” says Arbaciauskas.


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Emilija Gaivenyte