Tech Innovator Collage Group Launches New Industry, Audience, and Head-to-Head Insights to SaaS Cultural Intelligence Engine

Bethesda, MD, April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Collage Group, the cultural intelligence leader, announced today several new innovative features to its SaaS application. The enhancements will enable brand marketers to improve brand health, benchmark brand performance against competitors within industry, optimize ad reach and effectiveness, and expand into new segments and markets.

The unique Head-to-Head Dashboard provides access to actionable competitive insights. CMOs will instantly know how their brand compares to specific competitors on future purchase intent, preferences, perception, and on the Collage Group proprietary cultural relevance metric B-CFQ (Brand Cultural Fluency Quotient). This can be used by segment across generations, race and ethnicity, gender, and other psychographic and behavioral attributes. Customers will be able to identify opportunities and threats, and make more informed decisions with confidence. With a thousand brands measured with a consistent baseline methodology, there are over 499,500 different combinations to compare, spot opportunities, recognize threats, and gain inspiration.

“We’re especially excited about the new Head-to-Head Dashboard as one key example of technology innovation that sets Collage Group apart from competitors,” said CEO and Co-Founder David Wellisch. “Cultural intelligence is at our core, and we pride ourselves on being able to guide marketers and insights professionals on how to drive brand love, future purchase intent, and advocacy among the largest growing consumer segments.”

The new Industry Dashboard is a category-level view of brand-specific consumer sentiment. Designed to help users quickly discern the competitive landscape, gauge competing brands’ reach across various diverse segments, and evaluate strategic brand partnership opportunities, marketers will gain a deep understanding of how to improve their brand’s market position.

Collage Group’s Audience Insights go beyond bi-demographic data to proactively intersect cultural, demographic, and brand insights, giving customers an unparalleled depth of understanding about any persona or audience. Customers can consult with Collage Group experts to construct audiences of interest, or they can deep dive into existing audiences from typing tools or segmentation frameworks to understand how their brands can capitalize on opportunities or mitigate risks in the market.

Beyond fusing Consumer, Industry, and Brand, Ad and Campaign insights, Collage Group is also the leader in publishing syndicated cultural insights on rapidly growing market segments. The company provides a deep understanding on purchase and brand love drivers among every cross-section of consumers across Black, Hispanic, White, Asian, LGBTQ+, parent, Gen Z, millennial, or boomer demographics.

The Collage Group Insights Hub contains a wealth of deep cultural research, including nearly 600 reports. With new search engine improvements in the Insights Hub, customers can find answers to virtually any question, along with detailed insights by segment, passion points, media habits, shopping behavior, and more, positioning brands to quickly take action on insights.

"The remarkable pace of innovation demonstrated by Collage Group is truly impressive,” said Arnetta Whiteside, Senior Vice President of Multicultural Consulting, Brand and Agency Readiness at Publicis Media. “The app has rapidly emerged as an indispensable tool in our marketing and planning endeavors, thanks to its seamless facilitation of the discovery process for distinctive and pertinent cultural insights.”

“This capability significantly distinguishes Collage Group from other consumer intelligence providers,” she continued. “We find it refreshing to assess brand performance within a clean interface, and the added feature of easily accessible comparative industry insights is truly invaluable."

Trusted by leading brands across various industries, Collage Group provides unparalleled cultural intelligence at its core. Launched in Q4 of 2023, the app puts cultural insights from more than 26.4 billion data points at customers’ fingertips. The always-on digital access through and the Insights Hub is cost-efficient and adaptive to customer’s needs. Additionally, Collage Group will continue to maintain dedicated client success teams and in-culture subject matter experts to accelerate speed to impact.

About Collage Group
Collage Group is the trusted partner and provider of cultural intelligence for over 300 iconic brands across 12 industries. The company has been helping marketers and insights professionals create authentic connections with diverse American consumers for over 10 years. Brands leverage our deep consumer research, AI-powered insights, and strategic cultural expertise to develop cultural fluency and create impactful and efficient campaigns that accelerate brand growth and ROI. Learn why industry-leading brands turn to Collage Group for cultural intelligence and strategic expertise.


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