Pattern to Participate in Life Science Innovation Northwest 2024 Conference

REDMOND, Wash., April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pattern Computer®, Inc. (“Pattern” or “the Company”) today announced that Mark R. Anderson, Chairman and CEO, Matt Keener, CTO, and Nidhi Singh, Ph.D., Managing Director, Product Strategy/Sales will participate in the Life Science Innovation Northwest (LSINW) 2024 Conference, being held April 17 – 18, 2024 at the Seattle Convention Center. Hosted by Life Science Washington, LSINW is the Pacific Northwest’s largest annual life science conference, bringing together the life sciences community to discuss and feature some of the most compelling life science breakthroughs of our time. The conference features CEOs, investors, public and private life science organizations, research institutions, scientists, entrepreneurs, and the global health community.

Matt Keener will lead Pattern’s presentation showcasing the Company’s business and clinical development strategy, recent corporate achievements, and anticipated milestones. The presentation is scheduled for the Biotechnology Session Wednesday, April 17, 2024, from 1:00-3:30 PM PT.

In addition, Nidhi Singh will present a poster entitled “Empowering Biomedical Innovation through AI-Powered Pattern Discovery,” which will be held in the poster presentation area (spot #11). The Company will also sponsor an exhibitor’s table (Table Number 206), and meetings will be available for qualified institutional, private equity and venture capital investors. For additional information or to meet with the Company during the conference, please contact Pattern’s Executive Vice President of Special Projects, Denyse Hudson, at

“2024 is a transformative year for Pattern,” commented Mark Anderson. “Since its founding, Pattern has been on a strategic path with a roadmap largely focused on building our Pattern Discovery Engine™ and using it to generate high-value assets, which we are now at an inflection point to commercialize. These assets include and are not limited to: combination cancer drug discoveries and diagnostic advances against the world’s top five cancers, in which we are looking to partner with firms to bring these drugs into clinical trials; the Pattern Discovery Engine™; ProSpectral™, a game-changing medical diagnostic tool and research instrument; and TrueXAI™.”

About Pattern
Pattern Computer, Inc. uses its Pattern Discovery Engine™ to solve the most important and intractable problems in business and medicine. These proprietary mathematical techniques in advanced AI can find complex patterns in very-high-order data that have eluded detection by much larger systems. As the Company applies its computational platform to the challenging fields of drug discovery and diagnostics, it is also making major Pattern Discoveries for partners in other sectors, including biotech, materials science, aerospace manufacturing, veterinary medicine, air traffic operations, and energy services. See

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