Roughley Insurance Brokers Ltd. Expands Portfolio to Offer Robust Commercial Insurance Solutions to Ontario Businesses

Oshawa, Ontario, April 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Roughley Insurance Brokers Ltd., a trusted name in the insurance industry, is proud to announce a significant expansion of its product offerings with the introduction of comprehensive commercial insurance solutions tailored for Ontario residents that go beyond the standard.

Catering to the growing demand from businesses across multiple industries in Ontario, Roughley Insurance Brokers’ new commercial insurance offerings feature a detailed array of coverage options that address the unique needs and risks associated with various sectors and ensure businesses are protected against unforeseen events. From property and liability coverage to industry-specific policies, the brokerage team vows to provide robust protection and peace of mind to Ontario businesses by finding the most compatible products.

Senior Advisor Robert Roughley states, “Our Commercial Business Insurance not only safeguards against property damage, liability, and business interruption but also extends to industry-specific risks. What sets us apart is our commitment to empowering businesses with cost-effective solutions. By bundling multiple policies, businesses can unlock substantial discounts, ensuring that they receive tailored coverage while optimizing their insurance budget. This unique approach reflects our dedication to not only meeting but exceeding the diverse needs of commercial enterprises in Ontario, fostering a secure and economically savvy environment for their growth and success.”

Recognizing the diverse landscape of commercial enterprises in the province, the leading insurance company’s expansion encompasses a broad spectrum of industries, ensuring that businesses, regardless of their size or specialization, can access comprehensive coverage to protect their assets, mitigate risks, and foster long-term resilience.

Tailored Solutions for Ontario

Roughley Insurance ( has been a trusted name in the insurance industry, serving the needs of Ontario residents for more than 78 years. The company is known for its customer-centric approach, values, and mission to provide comprehensive and tailored insurance solutions.

By recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities within the Ontario business landscape, Roughley Insurance Brokers has customized its offerings to address the specific needs of local enterprises. With the expansion of its product offerings, the insurance company Canada offers enhanced financial security and peace of mind that supports the growth and success of businesses across various industries.

Whether it’s tailored policies for retail, manufacturing, technology, or any other sector, Roughley Insurance Brokers are dedicated to supporting the dynamic needs of Ontario’s commercial businesses, fortifying their foundations for sustained success and security. The company’s comprehensive coverage and commitment to risk mitigation and prompt claims processing ensures that businesses can focus on their own expansions while being safeguarded against potential liabilities.

The team at Roughley is enthusiastic about the positive impact its new commercial insurance solutions will have on the local business community and remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting Ontario businesses as well as helping to contributing to their continued success.

Roughley Insurance Brokers invites clients who have any insurance questions to contact a member of its professional team today via email or phone.

About Roughley Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Roughley Insurance Brokers is a leading provider of insurance solutions in Ontario, committed to delivering excellence and peace of mind to its clients. With a focus on customization and industry specialization, the company continues to be a reliable partner for businesses seeking comprehensive insurance coverage.

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