CAST Highlight ranks number one in SBOM management on G2

NEW YORK and PARIS, April 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CAST Highlight has secured the top spot for satisfaction in the new software bill of materials (SBOM) category on G2, the largest and most trusted business software review site, helping businesses decide which software best suits their needs.

G2 scores products and vendors based on reviews gathered from its user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Together, these scores help corporate buyers compare different software, streamline the buying process, and quickly identify the best products based on the experiences of their peers.

Over the last few years, federal agencies, governments, and commercial organizations have mandated that their software suppliers provide accurate SBOMs. This new SBOM category on G2 is a recognition of the growing demand for SBOM creation and management software addressing the needs of software-intensive device manufacturers, software vendors, and system integrators to meet these new requirements from their clients. To qualify for inclusion in the SBOM category, a product must:

  • Automatically ingest and generate SBOMs in standard formats like CycloneDX and SPDX
  • Continuously monitor and update SBOMs based on component versions, associated licenses, dependencies, and more
  • Alert users of non-compliant elements in their software supply chain
  • Allow users to annotate SBOMs
  • Facilitate compliance with government regulations

CAST Highlight has received the highest satisfaction score of 4.5 out of 5 and leads a field of 21 SBOM products. This score comes on the heels of CAST Highlight’s recognition as Leader in multiple categories in the winter 2024 G2 reports.

"This new G2 ranking is another proof point that we are meeting and exceeding the exacting requirements of software suppliers and embedded software providers looking to dramatically simplify their SBOM creation and management process," said CAST Highlight Vice President Greg Rivera. “It serves as evidence of our team's focus on the needs of everyone involved – from product release and delivery managers to product owners and line of business executives."

CAST Highlight is a cloud-native product that provides rapid analysis across any size portfolio of applications to determine software composition, cloud maturity, resiliency, agility, technical debt, green impact, intellectual property risks, and security exposures. By providing instant information and recommendations it acts as an automated control tower enabling CIOs, IT and business executives to track and report on key board-level initiatives, speed up application optimization for cloud, reduce technical debt, control open-source risks, and make their software greener and more resource-efficient.

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