Nonprofit Supporting Retired Military Working Dogs Celebrates Milestone

BALTIMORE, April 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A non-profit with over 23 years’ service, supporting the military K-9 community, is celebrating the successful rollout of a new program which covers the cost of emergency treatments for retired military working dogs.

US War Dogs Association has already provided $50,000 of treatments to retired MWDs through its Emergency Care program, alleviating the financial burden from their handlers and families.

This vital provision adds to a range of support programs offered – the largest of which is the organization’s Rx program, which covers the cost of medications to over 1,100 retired MWDs each month.

Meet Nox

Nox Snippet: MWD Nox has received extensive care from US War Dogs

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Retired US Army patrol and explosive detection dog (PEDD), Nox, is a recent beneficiary of US War Dogs’ Emergency Care program.

Nox worked his entire career with his handler, Jared. Sadly, Nox had to retire from the military early after he suffered a severe break to his ankle. Jared explained: “Nox had a slow recovery, but luckily, my fiancé Danielle and I were able to adopt him. Nox has become the best friend that I never knew I needed. The bond that we developed over our military service together is something truly special.”

A few months after Nox retired, he tore the ligament in his back leg, leaving him in pain and in need of a complex surgery. “Nox was already on US War Dogs’ Rx program, but when the vet said his surgery was $6,000, we reached out again to see if they could help.”

US War Dogs covered the full cost of his care.

Jared said: “It’s upsetting that retired MWDs don’t receive VA benefits after their loyal service to our great country, but to have an organization like the US War Dogs come to our aid at a time of great need, is truly outstanding.”

US War Dogs’ president, Chris Willingham, said: “The Robbie Law was established in 2000 and allows handlers to adopt their dogs when they finish their service. Many K-9 retirees come out with health conditions that match their busy careers and our support is often priceless for their families.

“We are only able to continue our vital work of supporting the military K-9 community, thanks to the generosity of our donors. We’re saving lives and honoring the service of our MWDs in the process. I think that’s pretty special.”

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