Kno2 Launches New MuleSoft Integration

Kno2's new MuleSoft Certified Connector for Salesforce helps healthcare providers create digital experiences, faster

BOISE, Idaho, April 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kno2, today announced a new MuleSoft Certified Connector for Kno2, which is accessible in the MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange and will allow companies to simplify integration to Kno2 Connector - Mule 4.

With Kno2’s MuleSoft certified connector, Salesforce Health Cloud users can connect to their healthcare ecosystem through the Kno2 network, one of seven federally Qualified Health Information Networks (QHIN) named by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) successfully implemented under the TEFCA framework. This connectivity will streamline patient onboarding and improve patient experience by retrieving critical patient information at the time of registration and scheduling.

Product Specifics

  1. Kno2’s MuleSoft Certified Connector allows customers to streamline connectivity between Kno2’s patented healthcare Communication APIs and their target systems allowing access to national frameworks, connected organizations, EHRs, and other digital health platforms, improving data connectivity and interoperability.
  2. Customers can leverage pre-developed assets from MuleSoft’s Accelerator for Healthcare to quickly establish integrations between Health Cloud and Kno2. Current use cases supported by the accelerator include patient onboarding and exchanging data with known and trusted standards across national frameworks, directly within Health Cloud.

With the Kno2 MuleSoft Connector, organizations can expedite growth, reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, and create efficient workflows and integrations.

“Siloed data across many different systems at a healthcare organization have made it difficult to create a unified patient profile and address increasing patient and member demands,” said Amit Khanna, SVP & GM for Health at Salesforce. “With QHIN, the ONC is implementing a core nationwide interoperability framework for a more secure data exchange. The Kno2 and Salesforce Health Cloud integration will help healthcare organizations bring connected and harmonized clinical data right into their application workflows, giving them a single, unified profile that enables personalized experiences for every patient or member.”

MuleSoft helps businesses and developers transform into customer-first companies by enabling a single customer view across hundreds of systems and touchpoints using one unified platform. With MuleSoft, organizations can empower no-code and pro-code teams to build integrations and automations across any system, connect data for a single customer view, and discover and govern every API. The result is empowered business users who can do more with less, quickly creating workflows and integrations that drive efficient growth and faster time to value while removing time spent on repetitive tasks and complex integrations.

MuleSoft customers can learn more about MuleSoft Certified Connector for Kno2 by visiting:

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About Kno2

Kno2 is leading the future of healthcare communication and thoughtfully solving healthcare’s biggest problems. The Kno2 network enables the secure, effortless, and maximized exchange of patient information across patients, providers, payers and IT vendors. With a single connection to the Kno2 Communication API, anyone can quickly gain access to a powerful network of connected networks, EHRs, organizations, technologies and interoperability frameworks that gives the freedom to easily communicate with all. To learn more, visit

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