Titan.ium Platform’s Service Communication Proxy Streamlines 5G Core Networks for Mobile Operators

Delivers high performance for increased signaling transactions

LOWELL, Mass., April 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Titan.ium Platform today announced its Service Communication Proxy (SCP) for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) is now available worldwide to address the challenges of managing large geographically-distributed 5G core signaling networks.

The SCP provides secure message routing, load balancing distribution, traffic prioritization and overload handling, plus traffic visibility. This simplifies network management, enhances efficiency, and facilitates integration with existing infrastructure, which translates into substantial cost savings and improved performance for MNOs.

“With Titan.ium's SCP, we are enabling Mobile Network Operators to realize optimal performance and scalability in their 5G core networks,” said Kurt Daniel, CEO of Titan.ium Platform. “With significantly increased 5G signaling traffic, robust operational and security solutions are a necessity to avoid overloads and degradation of customer experience.”

Leveraging its cloud-native architecture, Titan.ium's SCP ensures scalability, resilience, and security during fluctuations in traffic volume and even in the event of a complete site failure. Its ability to screen and modify message parameters enhances interoperability and facilitates integration with network functions to ensure optimal and uninterrupted delivery of 5G standalone (SA) services.

The SCP can handle the massively-increased signaling transactions volume that 5G generates, which is projected to be at least two orders of magnitude greater than what has been typical with 4G networks. By simplifying core network routing topology, it is estimated that SCP can improve the efficiency of NFs by 30%. Titan.ium’s SCP can also integrate with its element management system (EMS) – used for centralized configuration, performance and fault management of distributed Network Functions (NFs), as needed.

To learn more, register for the webinar, on April 23 at 10 am Eastern/4 pm CET, which will cover the components of Titan.ium's 5G core solution, highlighting the Network Repository Function (NRF), Service Communication Proxy (SCP), and Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP).

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