Sibros Partners with Harbinger to Revolutionize the Medium-Duty Vehicle Industry

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sibros, a leader in connected vehicle systems, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Harbinger, an automaker on a mission to modernize the medium-duty vehicle industry with its electric vehicle (EV) platform. This collaboration aims to leverage Sibros' Deep Connected Platform™ to enhance Harbinger's vehicles, offering best-in-class performance and durability with zero cost acquisition premium.

The initiative has led to the selection of Sibros' Deep Updater, Deep Logger, and Deep Commander solutions for Harbinger’s vehicles, establishing a foundation for advanced vehicle performance and reliability. The partnership has also seen the launch of the Sibros Pre-Production Portal environment, accelerating the development process for Harbinger’s innovative EVs.

Hemant Sikaria, CEO of Sibros, stated, “Partnering with Harbinger allows us to further our mission of driving the future of mobility. Harbinger’s ambition to redefine the medium-duty vehicle industry through electrification aligns with our expertise in enhancing vehicle software systems. Together, Sibros and Harbinger are setting a new benchmark for what the industry can achieve.”

“Through our partnership with Sibros, we are leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure our electric vehicle platform not only meets but exceeds the expectations for performance and durability, without the burden of a cost premium,” said Phil Weicker, Chief Technology Officer, Harbinger. “This collaboration is a pivotal step in our journey to deliver vehicles that are not just environmentally friendly, but also economically advantageous for our customers.”

This collaboration has enabled significant milestones, including Harbinger’s ability to self-service ECU image creation and the delivery of three target ECU integrations by the end of 2023. Harbinger is looking forward to deploying the Sibros platform and demonstrating the tangible benefits of this partnership.

About Sibros:
Sibros is accelerating the future of SDV excellence with its Deep Connected Platform™ that orchestrates full vehicle software update management, vehicle analytics, and remote commands in one integrated system. Adaptable to any vehicle architecture, Sibros’ platform meets stringent safety, security, and compliance standards, propelling OEMs to innovate new connected vehicle use cases across fleet management, predictive maintenance, data monetization, and beyond. Learn more at

About Harbinger
Harbinger is an electric vehicle (EV) company on a mission to transform an industry starving for innovation. Harbinger's best-in-class team of EV, battery, and drivetrain experts have pooled their deep experience to support the growing demand for medium-duty EVs. Leveraging a foundation of proprietary, in-house developed vehicle technologies designed specifically for commercial and specialty vehicle applications, Harbinger is bringing a first-of-its-kind EV platform to market, priced for zero acquisition premium. Harbinger: familiar form, revolutionary foundation.

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Albert Lilly
Sibros Technologies, Inc.

Craig Daitch
Telemetry Agency on behalf of Harbinger Motors