Lambent announces new occupancy analytics tool for real estate and workplace technology partners

Lambent Spaces Embedded provides easy API access to new data sources to enhance workplace management, space planning and real estate investment

Makes occupancy analytics available to existing IWMS, HVAC & Building Management, Lease Management and Data Aggregation & Building Control systems

BOSTON, April 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Occupancy analytics software company Lambent today announced the general availability of a new API-based tool for technology systems interfacing with real estate, facilities management and space planning tools in corporate and higher education. Lambent Spaces Embedded provides fast, easy access to targeted occupancy data that can be integrated into other workplace management applications such as IWMS, HVAC & Building Management, Industrial Cleaning, and Data Aggregation & Building Control.

“Determining occupancy in a building, floor or space is a complex problem that Lambent Spaces is specially designed to solve for,” said Richard Scannell, CEO of Lambent. “And there are many other technologies in prop tech that can benefit from that data. Our new Embedded solution enables our real estate and workplace management technology partners to feed occupancy data into their own applications to enhance the value they can deliver for their clients.”

The new offering extends the capabilities of the Lambent Spaces software platform by providing technology partners across the workplace management ecosystem with access to building and floor-level occupancy analytics:

  • System Integrators – can leverage data from Lambent Spaces Embedded as an additional value-add to other workplace intelligence and operational systems and build applications on top of Lambent Spaces Embedded data to expand services for existing customers.
  • HVAC & Building Management Systems Providers – can leverage building/floor level data to make data-based adjustments to building controls, providing valuable savings and improved energy efficiencies.
  • Integrated Workplace Management Systems – can utilize Lambent Spaces Embedded occupancy data to make more informed decisions about space, and supplement reporting for strategic real estate portfolio decisions.
  • Lease Management Systems – can leverage occupancy analytics to inform critical lease decisions with data and identify opportunities for restacking or condensing floor or building leases.
  • Industrial Cleaning Services – can gain more intelligent and efficient staffing/rostering based on building and floor occupancy trends.

Lambent Spaces Embedded is designed specifically for developers and systems integrators and available exclusively to technology partners for use with existing real estate management and maintenance systems. For more information, visit

About Lambent
Lambent is an occupancy analytics software company helping corporate and higher ed campuses optimize space utilization, facilities operations and real estate investments. Its SaaS platform, Lambent Spaces, leverages existing data sources such as Wi-Fi to provide anonymous and predictive analytics to inform decisions related to utilization, workplace experiences, planning, scheduling, and maintenance. The software delivers actionable intelligence so facilities professionals and space planners can make better use of the spaces they have. For more information, visit


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