LIS Technologies Inc. Officially Joins the World Nuclear Association, a Global Advocate for the Nuclear Industry

New York, N.Y., April 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LIS Technologies Inc. (“LIST” or “the Company”), a proprietary developer of advanced laser technology and the only USA-origin and patented laser uranium enrichment company, is pleased to announce that it has officially joined the World Nuclear Association (“WNA”).

Figure 1 - LIS Technologies Inc. Joins the World Nuclear Association (“WNA”)

The World Nuclear Association’s mission is to promote a wider understanding of nuclear energy among key international influencers by producing authoritative information, developing common industry positions, and contributing to the energy debate. It is the only industry organization with a global mandate to promote nuclear energy and is in a unique position to share and advance best practice and common messages globally.

“Securing membership with the World Nuclear Association has many benefits” said Christo Liebenberg, Chief Executive Officer of LIS Technologies Inc. “The Association has a long track record of advocating for the innovative use of nuclear energy and it is a pleasure to be a part of the effort. We're excited to collaborate, innovate, and contribute to a sustainable energy future alongside our international peers.”

Comprising over 600 member companies across the nuclear supply chain, the WNA plays a pivotal role in promoting nuclear energy's contributions to meeting global energy demand and reducing carbon emissions. The Association provides a forum for industry collaboration, supports the development of nuclear technologies, and works to ensure high standards of safety and excellence within the nuclear field and is committed to fostering growth and innovation in the nuclear industry, ensuring a clean, secure, and prosperous energy future.

“Our membership with the WNA brings us into a community of experts and pioneers in nuclear energy,” said Jeff Eerkens, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer of LIS Technologies Inc. “A united front is important to unlock sustainable and safe energy solutions on a global scale, and I think this is a perfect step forward for our Company.”

The Company’s proprietary CRISLA technology is versatile, with potential applications spanning uranium enrichment for nuclear fuel, the synthesis of stable isotopes critical for medical and other scientific research, and in the growing field of quantum computing, particularly in the manufacturing of semiconductor technologies.

About the World Nuclear Association

World Nuclear Association is the international organization that represents the global nuclear industry. Its mission is to promote a wider understanding of nuclear energy among key international influencers by producing authoritative information, developing common industry positions, and contributing to the energy debate. We act as a global forum and commercial meeting place for leaders and specialists representing all aspects of the nuclear industry. The Association provides a vehicle for members to shape joint positions on economic, safety, and environmental issues through the Working Groups.

About LIS Technologies Inc.

LIS Technologies Inc. (LIST) is a USA based, proprietary developer of a patented advanced laser technology, making use of infrared wavelengths to selectively excite the molecules of desired isotopes to separate them from other isotopes. The Laser Isotope Separation Technology (L.I.S.T) has a huge range of applications, including being the only USA-origin (and patented) laser uranium enrichment company, and several major advantages over traditional methods such as gas diffusion, centrifuges, and prior art laser enrichment. The LIST proprietary laser-based process is more energy-efficient and has the potential to be deployed with highly competitive capital and operational costs. L.I.S.T is optimized for LEU (Low Enriched Uranium) for existing civilian nuclear power plants, High-Assay LEU (HALEU) for the next generation of Small Modular Reactors (SMR) and Microreactors, the production of stable isotopes for medical and scientific research, and applications in quantum computing manufacturing for semiconductor technologies. The Company employs a world class nuclear technical team working alongside leading nuclear entrepreneurs and industry professionals, possessing strong relationships with government and private nuclear industries.

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