Orion Governance and RapidCanvas Partner to Accelerate the Adoption of Generative AI to Democratize Enterprise Governance

Introducing Orion Wingman for Orion's Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG)

San Francisco, California, April 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Orion Governance Inc., an Information Intelligence company and provider of the Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG), a self-defined data fabric, has entered into a partnership agreement with RapidCanvas Inc., the AutoAI solutions company. This collaboration aims to jointly promote and incorporate generative AI into Orion Governance’s cutting-edge data fabric solutions.

RapidCanvas provides a purpose-built intelligent conversational assistant technology called AskAI. Using the capabilities of generative AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Large Language Models (LLMs), AskAI understands the context of enterprise data and responds to user prompts to provide insights and specific answers to user questions and generate interactive visualizations on-demand.

This partnership allows Orion Governance and RapidCanvas to co-develop Wingman - a purpose-built generative AI assistant for the Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph. Together, Orion and RapidCanvas aim to demonstrate how the combination of EIIG and Generative AI can empower the democratization and demystification of metadata management to help companies with governance, application modernization, and regulatory compliance.

What makes Wingman unique is the way it mitigates some of the widely known challenges of generative AI:

  1. Specialization vs. generalization: Prompts are domain-tuned to generate responses based on the terminology and concepts in Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) and customer data. 
  2. Improved accuracy of responses: Prompts are grounded to the customer knowledge graph to reduce hallucination.
  3. Private and secure: Wingman is hosted locally in the customer’s infrastructure and does not need to communicate with external APIs or services, minimizing privacy and security risks.
  4. Feedback loop and continuous learning: Models continually adapt by learning from user prompts.

“Orion Governance is disrupting the information management space with its Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG).” said Rahul Pangam, CEO of  RapidCanvas, "By integrating RapidCanvas’ generative AI capabilities seamlessly within Orion through Wingman, Orion customers will be able to personalize the way they can access enterprise information intelligence with a natural language interface and build custom visualizations in real-time.”

Ramesh Shurma, CEO of Orion Governance, commented: "We highly appreciate the value that RapidCanvas brings in accelerating our go-to-market with Orion Wingman. Through collaborative efforts, we can bring a best-of-breed, highly secure AI-based solution to accelerate the adoption and utilization of Orion’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG). This includes easing access and providing accurate responses to users across all personas in the enterprise."

About RapidCanvas

RapidCanvas is the AutoAI platform for business users. With RapidCanvas, organizations can develop high-performance, production-grade AI solutions much faster than traditional approaches, all without the need for specialized data science knowledge or coding expertise, or heavy investments in professional services. RapidCanvas empowers global companies with AI, including Fortune 200, across the manufacturing, retail, real estate, and financial services industries with tailored AI solutions. RapidCanvas is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with a global presence including multiple US cities, Brazil, London and India.

To learn more about the RapidCanvas, please visit www.rapidcanvas.ai

About Orion Governance

Orion Governance was founded in 2017 with a mission to disrupt the information management space. The company’s Enterprise Information Intelligence Graph (EIIG) is a vendor/technology agnostic platform that provides the most comprehensive knowledge graph in the industry. The EIIG has persona-based visualizations to create a self-defined data fabric with detailed data lineage, cataloging, traceability, augmented data quality, and analytics capabilities; ML/A automation enables enterprises to take control of their complex IT landscape in near real-time. Customers include Global 5000 companies in banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, telecom, and information technology. Key use cases include cloud migration/modernization, automated data governance and regulatory compliance, and cost optimization. Orion is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with global offices in other US cities, Estonia, Sweden, Singapore, Germany and India.

To learn more about the Orion Governance, please visit www.oriongovernance.com


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