VYRE Network, BXNG TV and Triad Entertainment Network Join Forces to Revolutionize Sports and Entertainment through the HBCU Boxing League

LOS ANGELES, April 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VYRE Network, a leading FREE global streaming platform that delivers NEXT-GENERATION movies, shows, and sports, live and on-demand to audiences worldwide and wholly-owned Cabo Verde Capital company (“VYRE” or the “Company” - OTC: CAPV) is pleased to announce a groundbreaking partnership to distribute, live sports events, TV series, documentaries, and movies with Triad Entertainment Network that will redefine the realm of sports, television, starting with the much-anticipated HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) Boxing League, co-founded by Hall of Fame boxer James “Lights Out” Toney.

The HBCU Boxing League is set to carve a new path for former prizefighters, with opportunities in the realm of college boxing. In a revolutionary move, the league, guided by legendary boxing figures Roy Foreman and Hall of Fame heavyweight champion Lamon Brewster allows retired world champions to transition into coaching roles that will be documented and shown globally through original content and live sporting events. This unique approach not only fosters mentorship but also ensures retired boxers access to insurance, job opportunities, and pensions, benefits that have often eluded former boxers.

HBCU Boxing League is made up of different HBCU boxing clubs that fall under the rules and guidance of USA BOXING. The inaugural season of the HBCU Boxing League will start in September 2024, with the national championships being held in the Spring of 2025. Each student athlete can expect upwards of 20 college bouts in their career giving them an opportunity to gain experience, build a fanbase and make themselves more marketable if, and when, they decide to become professional fighters. With over 100 HBCU’s, the initial season will start with 10 schools with FAMU and Grambling leading the charge with other schools to be announced. The HBCU Boxing League will have at least one event per month in the initial season and will scale up as more schools participate.

BXNG TV, a VYRE Network partner, and the exclusive combat sports channel on the VYRE Network App will stream the HBCU Boxing League’s initial season. Adam Glenn, the CEO of BXNG, stated “The HBCU Boxing League is an incredibly exciting concept. Boxing needs to find ways to bring new fans into the fold and provide athletes new avenues to reach fans. The HBCU Boxing League does just that, by connecting the HBCU college sports experience with boxing, bringing in not just traditional boxing fans but college sports enthusiasts as well. This aligns perfectly with BXNG TV’s mission to connect fans with amazing grassroots boxing content while helping athletes take the next steps on their journey to greatness.”

James Toney stated that this league is important to the “evolution of a boxer's life after he retires.”

Roy Foreman expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "The HBCU Boxing league is more than just a sport; it's a transformative initiative that empowers retired champions and opens avenues for aspiring athletes. With the guidance of over 50 verbally committed experienced world champions, we're creating a sustainable model that bridges the gap between boxing and comprehensive support systems."

HBCU Boxing League COO Brandon Norman stated, “We are excited to continue to build the necessary strategic partnerships that will position the HBCU Boxing League for long term success”.

Commissioner Lamon Brewster stated “HBCU Boxing League means the world to retired boxers because it gives them a chance to be relevant and pass on their many years of vast knowledge, wisdom, struggle and identification to young aspiring future leaders of tomorrow. The league also gives retired boxing champions a chance to be employed in life after boxing. As head coaches they will be able to receive the benefits they need to have a great quality of life, long after they leave the ring”.

“This partnership and league will be a game changer for not just all parties but for sports overall. We love to be involved in taking industries to the next level and creating next generation ideas. Partnering with HBCU Schools and legendary boxers in this way is an honor.” said Lamar Seay - VYRE Network COO

The HBCU Boxing League is set to leverage boxing as a means to generate college scholarships, offering campuses lucrative opportunities for growth and development. Similar to other major college sports leagues, this initiative seeks to provide tangible benefits for both aspiring athletes and retired champions, reinforcing the commitment to a holistic approach in the sport of boxing.

This partnership will be monetized and supported through on screen and off screen sponsorships of events, and VYRE Network’s programmatic advertising, delivered by Publica, the leading independent CTV advertising platform system. The monetization plan is focused to create organic opportunities for strategic brands to align themselves with the next generation of HBCU college students.

VYRE users will be able to stream The HBCU Boxing league along with curated TV shows, feature stories and documentaries beginning of third Quarter of 2024 through VYRE free apps on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Android, iPhone, Smart TV’s, LG, Samsung TV, Sony, Panasonic, and VYRE.tv

The primary focus of ​Triad Entertainment Network's product line is to facilitate live internet video streaming of athletic events to broadband free and pay-per-view viewers, which are comprised of sports fans, alumni, students, and other individuals who have access to broadband connections. Triad Entertainment Network also sells video-based advertising in and around those events.

VYRE Network is a free global streaming platform that delivers NEXT-GENERATION movies, shows, and sports, live and on-demand to audiences worldwide through niche channels. Since its launch in 2019 VYRE has consistently been a bridge between independent and mainstream entertainment for film creators and athletes. https://vyre.tv

BXNG TV is the only streaming media company focusing on the Next Generation of BoXiNG and combat sports. BXNG TV links local pro-boxing events and emerging boxing prospects to a worldwide audience. https://bxngtv.com  

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