insightsoftware Introduces Power ON Budget Planner to Transform Budgeting and Planning for Microsoft Power BI Users

Unified budgeting and planning solution enables creation of more accurate, timely plans within a familiar application, delivering more impactful analysis across the organization

RALEIGH, N.C., April 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- insightsoftware, the most comprehensive provider of solutions for the Office of the CFO, today announced the launch of Power ON’s Budget Planner, a complete budgeting and planning solution that helps organizations create unified and structured budgets within Microsoft Power BI. Budget Planner consolidates the entire budgeting process into a single, centralized hub, eliminating the need for scattered spreadsheets and fragmented communication. 

Budgeting is critical to any organization’s financial strategy. However, many organizations are using outdated tools and disjointed processes, creating concerns about data integrity, consistency, and version control. Budgets captured in local spreadsheets across different departments and regions are difficult to maintain and consolidate, resulting in miscommunication and errors. The lack of proper user management and defined responsibilities often leads to budgetary overruns, improper resource allocation, and misalignment with strategic financial objectives. 

“When not managed properly, budgeting and planning involves long review cycles, siloed documents, and inaccurate data. This leads to wasted resources and missed revenue targets,” said Jay Allardyce, General Manager, Data & Analytics, insightsoftware. “Power ON’s Budget Planner introduces simplicity, efficiency, and confidence into an organization’s processes. It delivers a more comprehensive view that provides better data governance, enhanced data control, and streamlined workflows. Power ON’s Budget Planner enables organizations to outline aspirations, while defining a clear path to achieve those goals.” 

"Enterprise performance management as a category encompasses a broad range of capabilities, and budgeting and planning are consistently ranked of critical importance by respondents in our annual market assessment," said Howard Dresner, Founder and Chief Research Officer at Dresner Advisory. "Planning, modeling, and analytics capabilities should work closely together across domains to provide a holistic way of managing performance for the entire organization, thus ensuring the 'enterprise' aspect of enterprise performance management." 

Budget Planner is a unified solution that addresses the most prevalent budgeting challenges. It integrates the budgeting and planning processes within an organization’s Power BI environment and facilitates collaboration by allowing for insights from a broader audience. Providing a single source of truth for financial data, even those unfamiliar with budgeting tools benefit from Power ON’s Budget Planner. Its rich, Excel-like experience accelerates adoption and allows any user to perform impactful analysis by inputting budget figures, making changes to existing budget versions, and utilizing shortcuts to copy and manipulate data. Budget Planner also automatically navigates multiple currencies and exchange rates within budgets across regions to ensure accurate financial representation. 

To learn more about Power ON and its capabilities for real-time, collaborative data-collection, forecasting, commenting, and what-if scenario modeling, visit the insightsoftware website. For additional details on Power ON’s Budget Planner and how it enables users to visualize budgeting data, bringing clarity and insight to the budgeting process, view the webinar here.  

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