Correction: The Binary Holdings Announces Public Presale for $BNRY Token on Optimism Network

Bangkok, Thailand, April 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Binary Holdings has announced the opening of its public presale for the $BNRY token on Optimism Network. The Binary Holdings (TBH) is a web3 infrastructure provider for the telecommunication sector in emerging economies, setting a bold vision to onboard the next billion users to Web3. By adopting Optimistic Rollup technology, TBH will be able to offer scalable, low-cost, and efficient infrastructure services essential for the adoption and growth of Web3 technologies within the telecommunications industry.

TBH aims to dismantle the existing barriers to entry for telecommunication companies looking to explore and integrate Web3 functionalities. By providing this infrastructure TBH is unlocking solutions for enhanced user activation and engagement, enhanced security, and decentralized services.

The BNRY token works as the cornerstone of the TBH ecosystem and plays a crucial role in this new framework, enabling seamless transactions and interactions within the web3 telecommunication infrastructure. TBH's initiative is poised to revolutionize how telecommunications networks operate, paving the way for a decentralized, secure, and user-centric digital future.

Current investors and partners of The Binary Holdings include a prestigious list of industry leaders and innovators as well as telecom giants across Southeast Asia. TBH has also recently integrated companies like Lost Club Toys and Twinmatrix into their ecosystem.

“We’re excited to launch BNRY, the native utility token of The Binary Ecosystem. BNRY is not just a token; it's the heartbeat of our vision for the future of telecommunications. As we embark on this journey to democratise Web3 access, BNRY stands as the catalyst, fueling seamless transactions and interactions within our ecosystem. With the support of our esteemed investors and partners, we're poised to revolutionise how telecommunications networks operate, paving the way for a decentralised, secure, and user-centric digital future." - Manit Parikh, Founder and CEO of The Binary Holdings

The Binary Coin is engineered to be the financial backbone of TBH's Web3 telecommunications infrastructure, enabling efficient, secure, and scalable economic transactions within digital communication. The token's utility is designed to support the seamless flow of value, facilitating various transactions that underpin the telecommunications ecosystem's operations and services. The presale is live on the official website, ending on Monday, the 15th of April 2024. The token is confirmed to list on two top-tier centralised exchanges by the 30th of April 2024.

About The Binary Holdings
The Binary Holdings is a leading Web3 infrastructure provider for Telecommunication, BFSI, Gaming and eWallet companies across emerging economies across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and LATAM. Headquartered in DIFC, UAE, the company emphasizes innovation and opportunity across its diverse business ecosystem.


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