Ontario Psychological Association Unveils New Mental Health Insights - Report

TORONTO, April 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) today released a pivotal report, “Mental Health in Ontario: Insights from AskForHelpToday.ca,” based on an analysis of over 12,000 referrals since the platform's inception in 2021. This comprehensive document offers an unprecedented look into the mental health demands and the evolving role of digital health in addressing these needs.

Key Findings:

  • A Surge in Demand: A 35% increase in referral volumes in 2023.
  • A Shift Towards Privately Delivered Care: Insights reveal a trend towards privately delivered mental health care, pointing to potential challenges in the accessibility and timeliness of publicly delivered services.
  • Regional Disparities: Significant disparities in mental health service demand across different regions highlight the need for targeted interventions to ensure equitable access.
  • Digital Health Solutions: The report emphasizes the critical role of digital health platforms in improving access to mental health services and streamlining the care delivery process.
  • New Onboarding Features: The OPA, in collaboration with Strata Health, has introduced new onboarding features on AskForHelpToday.ca, facilitating easier registration and profile updates to meet growing demands.

Additionally, the report brings to light the concerning issue of high cancellation rates due to a lack of insurance coverage for mental health services. It underscores the pressing need for OHIP-type coverage to bridge this gap, ensuring that financial barriers do not prevent Ontarians from accessing the mental health care they need.

“The insights from the AskForHelpToday.ca report serve as a crucial call to action,” said Dr. Sylvain Roy, clinical lead at AskForHelpToday.ca. “They spotlight the increasing demand for mental health services and highlight the significant impact of digital health solutions in addressing these needs.”

The report is positioned as a resource for policymakers, healthcare providers, and stakeholders in the mental health sector, advocating for strategic, data-driven approaches to enhance service accessibility, address insurance gaps, and improve care quality. The full report is available here.

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Richard Morrison
Chief Executive Officer
Ontario Psychological Association

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