CLS Global To Host Crypto C-Suite Party, Connecting Like-Minded Leaders For A Better Tomorrow

Ajman, UAE, April 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --
CLS Global, the leading crypto trading service provider, is holding another of its famous networking parties, this time called Web3 Synergy: Uniting Crypto Capital Networks.

The event aims to connect top-level executives from different walks of the blockchain world. The gathering will boost connectivity and build kinship amongst the participants, increasing collaborations and partnerships for a better blockchain industry. The event is slated for 17th April, to be held in the heart of the Middle East: Dubai.

The private event is expected to be attended by C-suites from some of the biggest launchpads, VCs, influencers, and even individual investors.

Web3 Synergy: Uniting Crypto Capital Networks

CLS Global believes in the human connection, where people meet and find mutual benefits for the crypto industry. The Web3 Synergy, as the name suggests, is all about aligning the right people in the Web3 world.

The exclusive and private event strives to connect the most influential people in the industry. From big launchpads that see the most impactful coins and tokens made available, to the biggest investors that are on the hunt for the next crypto gem. The event, with hand-picked top executives, will be a boon for all.

This event will provide project leaders with a valuable networking opportunity. Rather than formal presentations, the focus will be on facilitating open discussions and the exchange of ideas. This informal setting will allow them to build relationships, gather feedback on their work, and explore opportunities for collaboration and exposure.

On the other hand, VCs and launchpads will be able to look in detail of promising projects that can help them not only propel the industry forward but forge financially beneficial partnerships.

Serious Affair, Casual Atmosphere

While the CLS Global hosted event is exclusive and attended by the most influential crypto pundits with a most serious aim, the event’s ambiance is not dry.

The 5-hour event will be held on 17th April in the SLS Privilege Bar at the SLS Dubai Hotel and Residences, UAE.

Beginning at 6 PM sharp, Web3 Synergy participants will mingle and network from 7 PM to 8 PM. With all participants settled and comfortable, the event will kick off with a 20-minute opening speech. Then it is an open house till 11 PM where participants can meet, greet, and talk with each other.

All of this will be in a majestic setting and a view of the breathtaking Dubai skyline, accompanied by beverages, and some one-of-a-kind crypto cocktails.

While CLS Global are hosts, they will be accompanied by co-hosts Runonflux (the leading Web3 and decentralized cloud firm) and Hinkal (bringing true privacy in blockchain on multiple networks). All of this is made possible, thanks to the event’s sponsors like Elixir Games Inc.IOSTPoP Planet, and Crypto Executives.

This year's event is a continuation of CLS Global’s effort to bring the crypto industry on one page, removing friction for collaborations, partnerships, and more. In the past, CLS Global has held two similar events, the DAO Maker x CLS Global Networking Event and the Web3 MeshMeet: Bridging Crypto Minds.

Both events had been a success, with participants not only appreciating the efforts but forging alliances and partnerships.

Limited Seats For C-Suites

The Web3 Synergy: Uniting Crypto Capital Networks is a private event, to be held in Dubai for pre-approved C-suite and market leaders. As such, you can take part in the event by registering here.

Registration alone does not guarantee participation. Each entry will be scrutinized by CLS Global so that only the right executives may attend.

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