Blue Biofuels Initiates Engineering and Design for Their CTS Commercial Plant Positioned to Produce Ethanol from Cellulosic Materials

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL, April 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blue Biofuels, Inc. (OTCQB: BIOF).

In a recent development, Blue Biofuels Inc. (“BIOF”) proudly announces the commencement of an FEL 1 & 2 engineering study for a 2.4-million-gallon cellulosic ethanol facility. This endeavor is grounded in the company's innovative Cellulose-to-Sugar (CTS) system, which has undergone and is undergoing continuous refinement and optimization for the efficient conversion of cellulosic biomass into ethanol.

The engineering study meticulously outlines each process step, technical layout, and required equipment for the facility. Even at this initial volume, it demonstrates the viability of the CTS process in yielding positive margins for cellulosic ethanol production. Blue Biofuels is now poised to scale up its engineering design for larger facilities, leveraging the inherent advantages of scale to enhance profitability.

Drawing on successes achieved in their pilot plant, Blue Biofuels remains committed to further enhancing their process, with a focus on catalyst recycling and lignin separation for potential sale. While lignin sales are not yet factored into the model, ongoing optimizations signify a commitment to maximizing efficiency and sustainability.

Looking ahead, Blue Biofuels envisions integrating their CTS process to supply ethanol for their Ethanol-to-Sustainable-Aviation-Fuel joint venture with Vertimass, down the line replacing the sugar cane ethanol that will be used to start the ethanol to SAF production. This positions BIOF as a key player in the renewable energy sector, expecting to be the first to have an integrated process from Biomass to SAF.

About Blue Biofuels, Inc.

Blue Biofuels is based in Florida and has the goal to produce biofuels through its developed Cellulose-to-Sugar (CTS) technology. CTS is a sustainable, and renewable green energy system with the potential to achieve a near-zero carbon footprint. The CTS process can convert virtually any plant material – grasses, forestry products, and agricultural waste such as sugarcane bagasse and wheat straw -- into sugars and lignin. Sugars are subsequently processed into biofuels, such as ethanol and sustainable aviation fuel, and lignin may be further processed into a variety of products. The CTS process is a patented and proprietary technology wholly owned by Blue Biofuels.

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Ben Slager, CEO and Chairman

Anthony Santelli, CFO

SOURCE: Blue Biofuels, Inc.