The Interorganizational Network (ION) Rebrands as The Leaderboard

Empowering Women's Leadership in Corporate Boardrooms

BALTIMORE, April 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Interorganizational Network (ION) today announced it has rebranded as The Leaderboard. The change reflects the renewed commitment to advancing women's leadership in corporate boardrooms nationwide. With a revised mission and a dedication to gender diversity and excellence, The Leaderboard aims to bring greater awareness to and amplify its reputation for aggregating top board talent.

Initially founded in 2004 with an educational and best-practice focus to assist women in preparing for board service, The Leaderboard has become a national alliance of women's executive networks dedicated to supporting boardroom and corporate excellence. It is well-documented that corporate boards outperform their peers in profitability and productivity when they embrace diversity in gender and executive experience. The Leaderboard is poised to influence more women's appointments to corporate board roles, thus fostering enhanced performance and innovation. Member organizations represent a broad footprint across the country, and include the following organizations:

Bank on Women
Executive Alliance, MD
Financial Women’s Association of New York, NY
Inforum, MI
OnBoard, GA
OnBoardNC, NC
The Boston Club, MA
The Forum of Executive Women, PA
Women’s Executive Leadership, FL

The Leaderboard has:

  • Over 2,000 board-practiced female candidates who have served on thousands of boards, bringing invaluable expertise and perspectives to the table.
  • Supports more than 6,000 C-suite executives from every market sector, representing a wealth of leadership experience and talent.
  • Connections to over 50,000 corporate executives focused on corporate governance, facilitating networking opportunities, and knowledge sharing.
  • A successful track record of influencing dozens of corporate board placements annually, demonstrating a tangible impact on boardroom diversity and excellence.

"We are thrilled to unveil The Leaderboard as a dynamic organization dedicated to empowering women's leadership in corporate boardrooms," said Lynne Durbin, President and Executive Committee Chair at The Leaderboard. "Our rebranding reflects our commitment to driving positive change and fostering inclusive environments where diverse voices are valued and celebrated. By championing women's representation on corporate boards, we aim to unlock new opportunities for growth, innovation, and sustainable success."

The Leaderboard invites corporations, executive search firms, and individuals committed to advancing diversity and excellence in corporate governance to join their mission. Together, we can build more inclusive and high-performing organizations that drive positive impact and prosperity for all.

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About The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard, formerly known as The Interorganizational Network (ION), is a national alliance of women's executive networks dedicated to advancing women's leadership in corporate boardrooms. With a revised mission and a commitment to diversity and excellence, The Leaderboard empowers women to excel in board service and advocates for greater representation of women on corporate boards.

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