Tonner Drones Announces Strategic Repositioning

Tonner Drones Announces Strategic Repositioning

Cannes, 16 april 2024 18:00

  • Successful finalization of the capital increase ended the refinancing period
  • 12 months financial visibility
  • Stable financial situation enables the company to intensify talks with partners for collaboration
  • TonnerDrones notices a lot of interest in collaboration under its stock exchange listing
  • TonnerDrones recently ended Equity-line product with Yorkville and has no interest in entering into new variable price financing
  • Tonner Drones will continue to update the market about its new future.

Tonner Drones’ successful capital increase ends a challenging financial restructuring period for the company that included cost cutting measures and addressing numerous legacy issues that management inherited upon their arrival in June of 2023. Tonner’s refocused strategy prioritizes: Maximizing the value of stakes in its holdings such as Doneclé and Elistair, broadening collaboration internally and externally, and bringing to market industry-changing products such as Countbot and Inhibitor.

Tonner regularly receives inquiries from private companies about potential collaborations. While Tonner has long wanted to engage in actionable discussions with these companies, it was unable to do so until recently due to the company’s financial uncertainty. Following the capital increase, Tonner is now financially stable and embarking upon discussions with potential partners, targets, and collaborators.

Tonner will carefully assess these opportunities with rigorous due diligence and stress-tests prior to formalizing any transactions. Candidates for consideration must be revenue generating, have exceptional management and technical teams, exhibit the potential to scale internationally, and add immediate synergistic value to Tonner.

Tonner asks that its shareholders and investors recognize this fundamental repositioning as management develops this innovative organization. While Tonner is currently a smaller-cap organization, management sees an opportunity to increase the company’s market capitalization with this repositioning, particularly if Tonner can become a larger company in this fragmented industry. Leveraging its network across Europe and America, management is confident in this approach, and is priming the organization to evaluate numerous partnerships in the coming months. In case that an interesting RTO opportunity presented itself, TonnerDrones would also seriously consider this.

“I would like to thank the historic shareholders and new investors in supporting our restructuring and strategic plans,” said Brad Taylor, CEO. “With cash reserves for the next twelve months, the company now has the stability and time to expand its business and intensify conversations with potential partners.”

About Tonner Drones: Tonner Drones (formerly Delta Drone) develops UAVs and associated technologies for the defense and homeland security sectors. Tonner Drones holds valuable stakes in some of France's leading civilian and military drone manufacturers. Tonner Drones’ strategy is to leverage its shareholdings in these companies through active asset management, a private equity fund, and by teaming up with other private equity funds to become a significant industry consolidator. Additional revenues can be achieved through royalties from patents held by Tonner Drones to recognized manufacturers. Tonner Drones does not plan on owning a factory; however, it is determined to retain R&D for its products and systems in France.

Tonner Drones’ shares are listed on Euronext Growth Paris (ISIN code: FR001400H2X4).

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