Identity & Access Forum Launches Industry’s First Template for Building Mobile Driver’s License Use Cases

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., April 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The mobile driver’s license (mDL) ecosystem is expanding rapidly. In the U.S., the secure, cryptographically protected, digital identity credential is available in six states, representing more than 66 million people. Implementation efforts are underway in 26 additional states. In response, the Secure Technology Alliance’s Identity and Access Forum has launched the industry’s first mDL use case template. The free resource will serve as a guide for relying parties (RPs), including law enforcement, retailers, government agencies and enterprises, as they prepare to accept mDLs for ID verification and authentication.

The document, “Template for Building your mDL Use Case, Accepting Mobile Driver’s License,” aims to facilitate the efficient adoption of mDLs by arming RPs with the information they need to build business cases, capture operational requirements and design interactions to shape how customers will present the IDs to facilitate better user experiences.

Highlights from the template include:

  • Outlining the roles of mDL holders, issuing authorities, relying parties and issuer service providers to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem.
  • Offering a brief description of interactions, participants and potential pain points to guide stakeholders through the use case development process.
  • Describing the value of use cases, including the efficiency gains, cost savings and liability reductions.
  • Detailing mDL security and privacy considerations to safeguard data and enhance privacy over physical driver’s licenses.
  • Providing insights into how individual use cases are typically implemented, including physical layout, in-person vs. at-home/website-based interactions and internet access requirements.
  • Identifying challenges faced during implementation and offering strategies to overcome them.
  • Showcasing real-world examples of similar use cases to provide inspiration and reference for stakeholders.

"Spearheading the evolution of identification practices requires a collaborative effort. To that end, the Secure Technology Alliance and its Identity and Access Forum have been instrumental in driving forward the implementation of mDLs,” said Sandy Mayfield, managing director of the Identity and Access Forum. “The release of the mDL use case template marks a significant milestone in our collective journey towards widespread understanding and interoperable adoption of this transformative technology. By providing a standardized use case framework, the template empowers stakeholders to navigate the complexities of mDL implementation with clarity and confidence."

For more information and to download the template, visit the Alliance’s mDL Connection website, a comprehensive source for insights into the technology developed by industry experts. The template was created by the Identity and Access Forum’s Jumpstart Committee, a subcommittee of the Digital Identity Working Committee. Organizations, associations, government agencies and individuals interested in participating in upcoming Forum projects can visit the Secure Technology Alliance’s website to learn how to become a member.

About the Identity and Access Forum

The Identity and Access Forum is a cooperative, cross-industry body dedicated to advancing the adoption and development of secure identification including physical and logical access. Through the collaborative efforts of a diverse group of stakeholders and the publication of educational resources, the Forum advocates for market adoption of trusted, user-centric and interoperable digital identities to ensure safe and seamless access to services across all interactions. Areas of focus are identity credentials such as mobile drivers’ licenses and IDs for provisioning, IoT security and access control, among others. The organization operates within the Secure Technology Alliance, an association that encompasses all aspects of secure digital technologies. 

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Sherlyn Rijos-Altman
Montner Tech PR