Plex Now has the Largest FAST Channel Line-up Worldwide with 1,112 Free-to-Stream Live TV Channels

Available in more than 180 countries, Plex is rapidly growing its ad-supported content, offering consumers a wide variety of free content and advertising partners much-needed reach and transparency

Los Gatos, CA, April 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Plex, the largest independent ad-supported video-on-demand and streaming media platform, announced today that it now offers over 1,000 free-to-stream live TV channels featuring hit movies, binge-able series, news, and more – 1,112 to be exact. Plex is the industry's most widely available ad-supported video-on-demand and live TV offerings in more than 180 countries. More than 800 free FAST channels are streamed in the U.S., with others in major international markets, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and Germany.

Offering a Wide Array of Entertainment that Suits Many Tastes

Plex’s free live TV channels feature a range of movies, sports, game shows, news, and classic TV shows, and 76 Spanish-language channels are available in the U.S. alone. Since launching its free live TV offering in 2020, the company has some of the biggest names in TV, including Fox, NBC, Scripps, Hallmark, AMC, A+E, BBC, Euronews, ​​Lionsgate, Banijay, Fremantle, and PBS. New partners recently onboarded include CBC News in Canada, BBC News, MLB Channel, CBS Sports HQ, Golazo Network, CBS News, and 15 CBS local channels spanning the U.S.

According to Gavin Bridge, VP of Media Research for CPG Global and a FAST-focused analyst who tracks the number of FAST channels in the United States via his monthly FASTMaster report, there were more than 1,963 FAST channels in the U.S. alone as of March 2024. Currently, Plex accounts for 847 of them (including hyper-local), and it's growing every day.

“Our aim for Live TV on Plex is to have something for ALL of our users’ television tastes all over the world,” said Keith Valory, CEO of Plex. “While this ever-growing library of free-to-stream entertainment drives Plex toward this goal of offering any entertainment a consumer may want, we are also diligently focused on providing advertisers with unparalleled reach and the transparency that should come with it.”

Plex Offers Advertisers Unique Reach, Deep Audience Insights, and Efficient Pricing

In addition to ensuring consumers have access to all the media that matters to them, Plex is focused on connecting advertisers to their audiences across Plex's premium FAST & AVOD libraries. With unique reach, deep audience insights, and ad analytics, Plex can deliver ads that are relevant to viewers with automation & efficiency. 

“As a tech company at our core, Plex has invested heavily in our advertising platform to ensure advertisers can buy premium inventory with full transparency, viewability, and at the highest yield,” said Todd Hay, VP of Revenue & Engagement. “Our platform optimizes each ad break for impactful reach for advertisers and for the best possible user experience - from real-time loudness leveling of creatives to de-duping and competitive separation within ad breaks. We aim to put advertisers' messages in front of the right viewers in the best possible light. This makes it a win for all, as it should be.”

In addition to supporting the expected pre- and mid-roll in-stream placements, Plex offers innovative ad products that tap into users' ability to manage “intent” on the platform.  An interactive trailer unit allows users to add content directly to their watchlist with the click of the remote - whether it’s an in-stream ad or a promoted trailer on the home screen.

Plus, insights include what users want to watch, where they want to watch it, and who they want to watch it with - across all content, not just what’s available on Plex - while ensuring user privacy.  Advertisers can leverage this incredible contextual awareness to build and target audiences within the product through sponsored hubs and takeovers or extend these campaigns offline with look-a-likes and audience extension.

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