Vyond Expands AI Video Capabilities to Unlock Effective Business Communication

Powerful new brand management features allow customers to produce brand-compliant videos more efficiently to drive real business value

LONDON, April 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES LONDON - Vyond, the leading AI-powered video platform for businesses, today announced expanded generative AI capabilities and a robust set of brand management tools. The new features enable customers to produce effective, engaging, and brand-aligned video content to scale critical communications and drive tangible business outcomes.

Enhanced AI capabilities for Vyond Go make it faster and easier to produce video content that’s relevant to business objectives. Features now include the ability to dynamically generate visuals for your videos—based on prompts written in 70+ languages. In combination with new brand management tools, teams can now scale video production quickly while ensuring consistent brand identity.

“Vyond’s tech stack is ever-evolving and every decision is made through the lens of customer value and business impact,” said Gary Lipkowitz, CEO of Vyond. “There’s a gap in the market today between the promise of emerging text-to-video and the reality of business communication needs for large, complex enterprises. For that reason, we’ve avoided bandwagons and copycat features. Instead, we've been intentional about integrating AI into multiple layers of the product over the last several years. This new launch combines business-relevant AI tools with enterprise-grade brand management and security to drive real business impact.”

New brand management features provide enterprise users the ability to maintain brand alignment. From approval controls, to adding logos and watermarks, to consistent colors, characters and assets, Vyond’s full-service brand kit allows users to quickly scale content with complete brand compliance. These brand management tools are available today for Vyond for Enterprise users.

Expanded AI tools drive business outcomes by increasing the relevance and effectiveness of video content and streamlining production workflows. New features available today in Vyond Go include:

  • Prompt-to-Prop: Automatically generate objects for videos that match any prompt entered into Vyond Go.
  • Multilingual videos: Generate videos in 70+ languages.
  • New mixed-media templates: More template options give users a wide array of video options, including non-animated styles like charts and infographics to significantly expand content variety.

Infinitely customizable videos with “Vyond AnyStyle.” An expanded library of hand-created assets, stock imagery, and AI-powered features together enable Vyond AnyStyle, where customers can create videos in a wide range of styles—from animated, to photorealistic to everything in between. And with the ability to choose from more realistic and diverse characters, users can craft the perfect tone and aesthetic for any use case or brand need.

“Digital transformation and the proliferation of AI are profoundly changing the way businesses approach learning and development,” said Patrick Jocelyn, CEO of Omniplex Learning, Vyond’s UK-based value-added reseller. “That’s why market-leading innovators like Vyond are such game changers for our more than 4,000 customers, making it easy to produce amazing quality videos for a wide set of requirements. Leaders who invest in digital learning by embracing tools like Vyond not only stand to see gains in efficiency and effectiveness, but they’ll also benefit productivity, motivation, and retention.”

To learn more about Vyond’s new features, expanded AI tools, and brand management capabilities, visit our blog.

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