OPTIZMO™ Releases 2023 Email Opt-Out Infographic

The annual infographic analyzes hundreds of millions of opt-out requests from 2023 with a focus on timing, geographic location, and device

AUSTIN, Texas, April 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OPTIZMO Technologies, the leader in email suppression list management and email compliance solutions, is excited to unveil the most recent addition to its annual Email Opt-Out Infographic series. This edition visualizes the opt-out behaviors observed through the vast amount of email opt-out request data processed by the company throughout 2023.

Email marketing remains a powerhouse in the digital marketing arena, continually evolving and adapting through the decades. The 2023 infographic delves into the nuances of WHEN, WHERE, and WHAT technologies were involved in email opt-outs from the past year, providing insights into email recipient behaviors.

Noteworthy Highlights and Insights from the 2023 Infographic

  • An increase in international email opt-out activity was observed in 2023, with Europe being the significant driver.
  • Yahoo! reclaimed its position as the leading email inbox provider for opt-out activity, overtaking Gmail. 
  • Monday reclaimed its position as the most active day for email opt-outs, reinforcing the idea that recipients are highly engaged with their inboxes at the start of the week.
  • The most active hours for opt-out behavior were identified between 9am-11am Central Time, which is largely in line with past years. 
  • Mobile remained the primary driver of opt-out activity in 2023, trending back up after taking a dip during the pandemic.

The detailed exploration of these trends underscores the significance of understanding and redefining marketing signals that have previously only been viewed as negative. Such signals and insights equip marketers with valuable information on optimizing their email campaigns for better engagement and reduced opt-out rates.

The 2023 Email Opt-Out Infographic is now available for download on the OPTIZMO website at – https://www.optizmo.com/blog/optizmos-2023-email-opt-out-infographic/

OPTIZMO has been releasing these infographics since 2018, delivering data that is unavailable anywhere else in the industry. Past editions of the infographic are all available on the OPTIZMO website.


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