Crowdbotics Enters Collaboration with Microsoft to Accelerate App Development with CodeOps

Announcement Coincides with the General Availability of Crowdbotics’ CodeOps Platform

BERKELEY, Calif., April 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Crowdbotics, pioneer of CodeOps as a new standard methodology for software development, today announced a new collaboration with Microsoft. Microsoft brings to the relationship its expertise in cloud services and AI, while Crowdbotics shares its leadership in CodeOps, a new AI-based approach for accelerating application development through systematic code reuse. The companies will work together to help customers dramatically boost the speed and efficiency of building new enterprise applications for Microsoft Azure.

Blog post: Crowdbotics CodeOps Platform and New Collaboration with Microsoft: Using AI to Build Software

In addition, Crowdbotics has announced the general availability of its CodeOps platform, an AI-powered solution enabling systematic code reuse by building on top of a customer’s existing DevSecOps processes. The Crowdbotics platform helps customers get the most out of the code they’ve already written and helps them avoid reinventing the wheel. The platform utilizes AI to accelerate each step of the development lifecycle, starting with improving the product requirements documentation (PRD) process and delivering benefits all the way through to deployment. By delivering on the promise of systematic code reuse, the Crowdbotics platform accelerates time to value and reduces risk for enterprise application development.

"Microsoft has built a reputation for working with companies that demonstrate the ability to develop new and unique use cases for AI, and this collaboration helps validate the power of our CodeOps platform," said Anand Kulkarni, founder and CEO, Crowdbotics. "This relationship, combined with the general availability of our flagship CodeOps platform, gives organizations access to the tools they need to speed up app development so they can focus on other areas of innovation."

"Collaborating with Crowdbotics allows us to give customers more options for developing applications while saving time and resources," said Gustavo Blum, General Manager, Global Partner Solutions, Microsoft. "Microsoft Azure and our investments in AI, combined with Crowdbotics' methodology for systematic code reuse, provides customers with a new, powerful set of tools for delivering digital transformation and building the apps that move the needle."

As a result of the collaboration, customers will have the best of both worlds with access to Microsoft and Crowdbotics’ complementary uses of AI to streamline app development.

The Crowdbotics CodeOps Platform
Now generally available, the Crowdbotics CodeOps platform is built around the fact that, on average, up to 70% of the code required for a given project has already been written. Development with the Crowdbotics CodeOps platform includes four key steps:

  • Planning. Uses AI to improve the quality of the requirements definition process with high-quality Product Requirements Documents (PRDs) that take infrastructure, standards and policies into account.
  • Matching. Sophisticated AI matches each requirement detail for the application captured in the PRD with existing code maintained in a centralized module catalog.
  • Assembly. Using the modules identified in the matching process, the platform utilizes AI to assemble them into a nearly complete app.
  • Deployment. Developers fill in any remaining gaps, focusing on the most unique and valuable features.

The Crowdbotics CodeOps platform frees organizations from using generative AI to reinvent the wheel, instead tapping into its power to facilitate faster and more innovative app development.

To learn more about the Crowdbotics CodeOps platform, connect with Crowdbotics:

About Crowdbotics
Crowdbotics helps enterprise customers deliver applications faster using strategic code reuse and generative AI. Our platform enables teams to speed up software development while maintaining governance over code from multiple sources. This process of generating, storing, and strategically reusing code is an emerging framework called CodeOps. To learn more, visit Crowdbotics.

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