Global Nanobubbles Industry Research 2024-2034: Market Expansions in Agriculture, Aquaculture, Biopharma, Food Production, Oil and Gas, Water Treatment Industries

Dublin, April 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "The Global Market for Nanobubbles 2024-2034" report has been added to's offering.

The report offers a meticulous dissection of nanobubble characteristics, contrasting them with other bubble forms, and scrutinizes the variety of generation methods available. The assessment includes critical insights into the technology's development stages and current limitations faced within key application markets.

Market Dynamics and Projected Growth

A thorough exploration of the factors driving and restraining the global nanobubbles market has been conducted. Projections within the report depict significant revenue expansion across multiple segments such as agriculture, aquaculture, biopharma, food production, oil and gas, and water treatment industries. This growth is fueled by the capabilities of nanobubbles to address critical sustainability challenges effectively and safely.

Geographical and Segment Analysis

Estimations of market size from 2021 through 2034 are detailed, along with regional and end-use market assessments. The findings cover a spectrum of applications from improving crop yields in agriculture to advancing drug delivery systems in biopharma, delineating a robust market for nanobubbles in the coming decade.

SWOT Insights

To equip stakeholders with a clear vision of the market, the report includes a SWOT analysis that accentuates the strengths, potential weak points, and external threats faced by nanobubbles technology segmented by end markets. This offers a strategic perspective on the positioning of nanobubbles in various competitive landscapes.

Competitive Landscape and Company Profiles

A significant portion of the report is dedicated to profiling over 40 companies that are instrumental in the development and commercialization of nanobubbles technology. These profiles offer invaluable vistas into the stages of commercialization, technological breakthroughs, market engagement, and customer base. The companies featured are diverse, ranging from startups to established industry leaders, each contributing uniquely to the market's evolution.

As the potential applications of nanobubbles continue to unfold, the report presents an essential guide for understanding the market dynamics that will shape industry investments and innovation from 2024 to 2034. While the report itself remains a neutral collection of analyses and projections, its contents are bound to ignite strategic discussions and planning among key industry participants.

Across 170+ pages, 72 figures and charts, the report covers:

  • Nanobubbles definition, properties comparative analysis, generation techniques.
  • Technology maturity assessments and limitations by application market.
  • In-depth examination of addressable market drivers, restraining factors, revenues growth projections across major industry segments including agriculture, aquaculture, biopharma, food production, oil/gas, and water treatment.
  • Global market size estimates from 2021-2034, geographic and end-use market segment outlooks.
  • SWOT analysis identifying nanobubbles strengths, weaknesses and external threats segmented by end market.

Featured market segment analyses cover:

  • Agriculture - Assessing nanobubbles foliar spray usage for boosting crop yields, triggering disease resistance, reducing irrigation needs
  • Aquaculture - Evaluating nanobubbles for oxygenation, growth acceleration, immune response triggering across hatcheries and fish farms
  • Biopharma - Studying utility of nanobubbles for advancing targeted drug delivery, ultrasound imaging, bacterial biofilm treatment
  • Water Purification - Examining integration for municipal wastewater nutrient removal, potable water microflotation, desalination pre-treatments.

Companies profiled include

  • Kairospace Technologies
  • Kran Nanobubble
  • NanobOX
  • Water Design Japan
  • Anzai Kantetsu Co. Ltd.
  • AquaB Nanobubble Innovations Ltd.
  • Aquamar B.V.
  • En Solucion, EnH Co., Ltd.
  • HACK UFB Co., Ltd.
  • Fawoo Nanotech Co., Ltd.
  • Moleaer, Inc.
  • Nangatech Sp. z o.o.
  • Rapid Water Technologies

Key Topics Covered:


2.1 Definition
2.2 Types
2.2.1 Surface nanobubbles
2.2.2 Bulk nanobubbles
2.3 Properties
2.4 Benefits of nanobubbles
2.5 Nanobubble preparation and generation
2.6 Technology limitations, by market
2.7 Applications
2.8 TRL
2.9 Comparative analysis

3.1 Addressable market size
3.2 Global revenues 2021-2034
3.2.1 By end use market
3.2.2 By region
3.3 Agriculture
3.3.1 Market drivers
3.3.2 Market overview
3.3.3 Generation techniques & administration
3.3.4 Motivations for agricultural Use
3.3.5 Applications
3.3.6 Market outlook
3.3.7 SWOT analysis
3.4 Aquaculture
3.5 Biomedical and biopharma
3.6 Food and beverage production
3.7 Oil and gas
3.8 Environmental Remediation
3.9 Surface cleaning and disinfection
3.10 Water purification
3.11 Coolants and cooling towers



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