Alberta Innovates and Emissions Reduction Alberta Announce New Hydrogen Funding

$57 million in projects announced at the Canadian Hydrogen Convention

EDMONTON, Alberta, April 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Government of Alberta, through Alberta Innovates and Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) is announcing $57 million, worth $280 million, in innovation funding for 28 projects to advance a hydrogen economy, reduce emissions, and create jobs in Alberta.

Alberta Innovates, in partnership with Natural Resources Canada, is committing $22.5 million for 20 early-stage projects through the Hydrogen Centre of Excellence - Competition 2. ERA, with funding from the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) program, is committing $34.5 million for eight late-stage projects through its Accelerating Hydrogen Challenge.

Projects cover the spectrum of hydrogen production, storage, transmission, distribution and usage. They include building resilient pipelines capable of distributing hydrogen safely, creating furnaces and water heaters fueled by hydrogen, advancing retrofit kits of diesel engines, providing heat and power to a municipal recreation centre, and more. Successful applicants have 24 months for Alberta Innovates-funded projects, and 36 months for ERA-funded projects to complete their work.

Interest in both programs was strong with many applications submitted. 95 expressions of interest were received for the Hydrogen Centre of Excellence – Competition 2. That was narrowed down to 45 projects which submitted full proposals. 37 reviewers, both internal and external to Alberta Innovates, provided reviews on the projects and ultimately 20 successful applications were recommended to Alberta Innovates’ Board of Trustees for funding.

ERA projects were selected through a competitive review process. A team of experts in science, engineering, business development, commercialization, financing, and greenhouse gas quantification conducted an independent, rigorous, transparent review overseen by a Fairness Monitor. All ERA recipients will be required to report on project outcomes, achievements, and lessons learned including GHG reductions, job creation, and other environmental, economic, and social benefits.

“We are funding new, innovative technologies that will ultimately help hydrogen power Alberta’s industries, vehicles, homes and economy in the years ahead. We are reducing emissions through technologies, not taxes, and creating jobs at the same time.”

Rebecca Shulz, Minister of Environment and Protected Areas

“Hydrogen has the potential to transform global energy markets and to create trillions of dollars of economic activity. Alberta’s government is committed to investing in new technologies to develop a hydrogen market and to ensure that Alberta is the Hydrogen capital of Canada. These investments will help to grow and diversify our economy and secure our future as a global energy powerhouse for generations to come.”

Nate Glubish, Minister of Technology and Innovation

“The Hydrogen Centre of Excellence is advancing technology and innovation to ensure Alberta remains a global energy system leader. The work we do today will create a foundation, and lay the groundwork, for companies to work with hydrogen. That’s not only good for innovators but also for creating a strong Alberta economy.”

Laura Kilcrease, CEO, Alberta Innovates

“The Government of Alberta’s significant investment in hydrogen is essential for our province to become a major player in the global hydrogen economy. These projects build on the province’s early successes in the low carbon hydrogen value chain and will not only improve our market presence, but also reduce our emissions.”

Justin Riemer, CEO, Emissions Reduction Alberta

ERA is committing $34.5 million in funding for 8 projects, representing a total project value of approximately $162 million.

OrganizationProject DescriptionAmount
CertarusScale-up and deploy hydrogen storage, compression, and blending equipment at an existing compressed natural gas hub$1.200,000
City of CalgaryPilot the implementation and testing of hydrogen vehicles and equipment to determine suitability and incorporation$2,200,000
City of EdmontonDemonstrate a methanol-to-hydrogen fueling system while integrating two hydrogen vehicle technologies to test fueling and vehicle performance$6,900,000
Diesel Tech IndustriesAdvancing retrofit kits for diesel engines, allowing for the co-combustion of both diesel fuel and hydrogen gas$2,000,000
Linde CanadaInstall hydrogen production, distribution, and refueling infrastructure in Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan to supply hydrogen for Edmonton Transit$7,000,000
NuVista EnergyDemonstrate a pulsed-methane pyrolysis (PMP) technology to produce low-carbon hydrogen and a solid carbon byproduct$7,000,000
Strathcona CountyInstall a hydrogen-fueled combined heat and power (CHP) system to provide heat and power at the Millennium Place Recreation Centre$5,000,000
Thiozen Inc.Produce hydrogen from hydrogen sulfide waste streams derived from sour gas and test at NuVista’s Wembley Gas Plant$3,200,000
 Total  $34,500,000

Alberta Innovates is committing $22.5 million in funding for 20 projects, representing a total project value of approximately $118.8 million.

OrganizationProject DescriptionAmount
Ayrton EnergyLiquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier for Safe, Efficient, and Easy H2 Storage and Transportation$1,700,000
ATCO Gas and PipelinesNumerical and Experimental Evaluation of Hydrogen Blended Gas Mitigation$500,000
City of CalgaryHydrogen Fueling and Pilot Fleet Feasibility Study$100,000
Edmonton Regional AirportZero-Emission Flight in Alberta: Canada’s First multi-Modal Hydrogen Aviation at Edmonton International Airport Hub$1,700,000
Ekona Power Inc.Pulsed Methane Pyrolysis, PMP, Commercial Demonstration FEED Study$1,000,000
Gradient ThermalGradient 100% H2 syncFURNACE$1,900,000
Luxfer Canada Ltd.Next-Generation Polymer Lined High-Pressure Hydrogen Storage Cylinder$2,000,000
Pembina PipelineLow Carbon Hydrogen & Low Carbon Ammonia Study$2,000,000
Pipeline Research CouncilFull Scale Testing of Legacy Pipeline Materials for the Purpose of Retrofitting Existing Natural Gas Pipelines for Hydrogen Service$1,900,000
Total Containment Inc.Resilient Pipelines, Resilient Energy: Developing Robotically Applied Protective Coating Systems for Hydrogen Applications$400,000
TransCanada Energy Ltd.Development of Engineering Assessment Framework to Address the Impact of Hydrogen on Pipeline Girth Welds$400,000
TransCanada Energy Ltd.On-site Hydrogen Production VIA Methane Pyrolysis for Fuel Switching at Compressor Stations$300,000
University of AlbertaField trial of Hydrogen Storage in Canadian Domal and Bedded Salts$1,200,000
University of AlbertaAdvancing Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolyzer: 3D Porous De-alloyed Catalysts key to a High Power AEM Electrolyser$500,000
University of AlbertaMicrobubble-Enhanced Cold Plasma Nitrogen Fixation as Sustainable Hydrogen Carrier$400,000
University of CalgaryDesign and Development of Novel Hydrogen Powered Gas Burner Technologies for Residential and Commercial Buildings$600,000
University of CalgarySafe Hydrogen Agile Pipeline Engineering (SHAPE): Digital Transformation and Lead Detection through AI and Digital$600,000
Verne Inc.First-of-kind Cryo-Compressed Hydrogen Demonstration in Class 8 Trucking$2,000,000
Vessel Energy SystemsDevelopment and Certification of Novel Flat Hydrogen Storage Vessel$1,300,000
VulcanX Energy CorpExtended Front-End Engineering Design of Pre-Commercial Low-Emissions Hydrogen Production from Natural Gas Pyrolysis$2,000,000
 Total  $22,500,000

The Hydrogen Centre of Excellence is a funding program, testing and service facility and a forum for facilitating partnerships to de-risk hydrogen technology development led by Alberta Innovates. The Centre received $50 million in funding from the Government of Alberta as an important component of Alberta’s Hydrogen Roadmap and Alberta’s Recovery Plan. The Hydrogen Centre of Excellence will accelerate technology and innovation across the hydrogen value chain, closing innovation and support gaps to strengthen Alberta’s hydrogen economy. Its purpose is to provide innovation support across the entire hydrogen system, from production to end use.  Learn more about the Hydrogen Centre of Excellence.

Alberta Innovates manages nearly 1,300 projects in a portfolio valued at $1.33 billion. We work with innovators in all sectors of the economy and all corners of the province to drive entrepreneurship, applied research and industry development. With our impact-based funding programs and services, we are transforming energy systems for a net-zero world, promoting the responsible use of land and water, leveraging provincial strengths in agriculture, and contributing to improved health and well-being by harnessing digital tech and data. We are also advancing emerging technologies and strengthening entrepreneurship for a strong and diversified economy. We operate in 11 locations with more than one million sq. ft. of industrial testing and lab facilities, and 600 acres of farmland. We employ nearly 600 highly skilled scientists, business and technical professionals. From funding to commercialization, we are Alberta’s innovation engine! See what entrepreneurs say about our coaching and support.  
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Emissions Reduction Alberta has been investing revenues from the carbon price paid by large emitters to accelerate the development and adoption of innovative clean technology solutions for 15 years. Since established in 2009, ERA has committed nearly $937 million toward 267 projects worth over $8 billion that are helping to reduce GHGs, create competitive industries and are leading to new business opportunities in Alberta. These projects are estimated to deliver cumulative GHG reductions of 42 million tonnes by 2030 and 115 million tonnes by 2050.
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